Edit Motion Layer button

Ever wonder how to just pose your actor in iClone 3.0 quickly. Well, this is the fast way to creating that dynamic opening character image that you want when the default pose just isn’t your cup’o tea. Select your actor in the view port by double clicking on it and then go to the Animation tab from the top tool bar. Then select the Motion animation tab and locate the Edit Motion Layer button in the Modify panel. This will activate the menu where areas of the avatar can be selected for editing. You can use the IK and FK options to create any pose you like, this will also help to get you acquainted with the new Move and Rotate tools. The Edit Motion Layer button is one of the first places I go when I open 3.0 because, if I can get my characters in the proper blocking before I begin animating my lead actor it makes directing the shot so much easier and way more fun when it comes to creating custom shots and angles. You can see in the image below exactly where you can find the Edit Motion Layer button. Be sure to check this feature out right away if you haven’t, it’s way too much fun not to.

Pose your actors quick and easy with Edit Motion Layer

Pose your actors quick and easy with Edit Motion Layer


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