Hand Poses and Animation

Today’s tip focuses on editing hand position and animation. As always, iClone avatars have the ability to pose and animate each hand individually or mirrored, but now in iClone 3.0 accessing this feature is a bit easier. Before in iClone the hand animation abilities had to be accessed by the timeline, now, they can be found in the Modify panel. Go to Animation and click the Hands tab to launch the hand gesture features in the right hand Modify panel. You can choose to edit both hands at once by turning on the Both bullet or apply poses and animation to each hand individually by choosing the Left or Right bullets. You can also select between the Pose and Animation libraries by using the drop down menu. These poses and animation clips can then be further edited on the time line to create rich and convincing hand motion. In the image below you can see two different poses attached to the avatars hands and the feature options opened on the right. You can also check out the video to see a quick example of how to use the IK options to create poses and animation as well.

Choose between different hand poses and animations

Choose between different hand poses and animations


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