Introducing the Camera Switcher

Today’s tip explains how to access and use the new Camera Switcher track in iClone 3.0. You can have up to 16 cameras in your project at once and this allows you to cover the action from pretty much all angles. Once these camera angles and movements are established you can then switch between these cameras via the time line. Click on the time line button from the bottom tool bar and then select the track list so that the camera switcher track can be activated. Select Camera Switcher and then click on the tab that appears on the time line, this will drop down the frame track allowing users to right click on the exact frame they wish to change cameras. Right click anywhere on the frame track and then select the camera you wish to switch to at that frame, notice that an arrow with a solid line will appear on the time line, this is to indicate that the camera you chose will continue on until another is switched to. For those iCloners out there like me who are 1979 Star Wars fans and old enough to have young padawans of there own keeping them from seeing opening night of the Clone Wars, I have put together a couple of special examples to showcase this cool new feature while trying to make missing out on what is sure to be the coolest “old-style” Star Wars film in years a little bit easier to deal with! The first is a small video showing a few different camera angles in an animation made using the Camera Switcher, and a screen shot showing the time line and the Camera Switcher frame track. Viva (i)Clone Wars and may the force be with you!

How to access and operate the Camera Switcher

How to access and operate the Camera Switcher


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