Full Head Texture Editing

Today’s tip reveals how to edit the entire Head Texture in iClone 3.0. In previous versions of iClone you could edit the front and side facial images to attempt to create a full 360 head texture, in iClone 3.0 the head texture is unwrapped and able to be customized all at the same time. This is an awesome upgrade because you can now create designs that were tough to get before in iClone like full head tattoos and masks. To launch your texture in an external editor just follow these simple steps.

  • Apply your actor to the scene
  • Click the Skin tab
  • Use the fly out menu to select the Face option
  • Click the Launch button to open the image
  • Edit the image
  • Save over the iClone temporary .jpg
  • Return to iClone and click the Update button to apply the changes
Below is a quick video example of these steps where I apply the default Kane avatar and the edit his facial texture to remove the scar. This is an new and fun feature to iClones already ground-breaking character creation process, that raises the quality of your avatars and allows new actors to be animated in the real-time world. Enjoy and keep on clone’n!

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