Painting Grass in iClone 3.0

Today’s tip focuses on populating your scenes with rich, animated grass by painting it directly into your project. In iClone 3.0 there is a new feature in the Set menu, the Grass tab. This features a library of preset grass designs that range from flowers to weeds that can be painted using the Planter tool, there is also a Mower tool that removes or erases your mistakes. You can mix and match grass, even select the density and size of the Planter using sliders, allowing you to create a wide variety of landscape designs. You can go as deep as to select the strength of the wind to give your custom grass that custom secondary motion that Machinimators and 3D animators in general love to include in the fine details. To get started with the new Grass options take these steps.

  • Select the Set Tab
  • Click the Grass button
  • Choose a template
  • Make sure the Planter bullet is checked on
  • Use the Size and Density sliders to select the range of the tool
  • Click anywhere in the view port you wish to place Grass
  • Use the Mower tool to remove any unwanted areas
  • Further customize your grass animation with the wind Strength sliders

Below is a video showing how I use 3 different happy little grass templates, one happy little default grassland terrain, and one happy little sky to quickly create a landscape even Bob Ross would have been happy with. Also a screen shot displaying a camera angle in the weeds. Make sure you make use of this feature, it’s sure to give those finishing touches to your next outdoor animation. My favorite is the bluegrass!

Quickly populate your scenes with rich vegetation by painting it in

Quickly populate your scenes with rich vegetation by painting it in


2 Responses to “Painting Grass in iClone 3.0”

  1. August 18, 2008 at 5:03 am

    I missed this feature when I first went through the program. Great! Thanks for the tutorial, I’ll give it a shot.

  2. August 18, 2008 at 5:11 am

    Hey Ricky,

    Thank you for that, and I’m glad to shed some light on the grass for you too, they have thought of almost everything for 3.0. I love it. More to come and thanks again.

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