Linking Props in light-speed with iClone 3.0

Today’s tip shows how fast users can select and link props to any actor or object in iClone 3.0. The new linking system is so fast in fact you can attach a prop to a specific node of an avatar in under 30 seconds. The process is super easy to do with very little placement cleaning required once you’ve chosen where your prop will reside. To do this just follow these simple steps to place an actor in scene and then attach a prop from the library to it.

  • Go to the Actor tab
  • Click the Avatar button
  • Choose a character
  • Select the Set tab
  • Click the Props button
  • Drag and drop a prop into the scene you wish to link
  • Right Click the prop to activate the shader menu
  • Click the Link option
  • Select Link To
  • Click the area of the avatar you wish to link the prop to (e.g. apple to hand)
  • Locate and click the Link to Sub Node button (indicated by a […] icon)
  • Check on the Align Position to Parent check box
  • Refine placement if needed

I know that seems like a lot of steps for a quick and easy solution which is why I have provided a video below showcasing a quick example of this process where I link an apple prop to the Violet avatar, then apply motion animation to show how the prop retains its placement. This is very easy and a very cool way to quickly give your avatars the assets they need to animate.


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