Key-framing the Camera Lens in iClone 3.0

Today’s tip focuses on the new Camera Lens Animation abilities enabled for every custom camera in iClone 3.0. In previous versions of iClone, you may have noticed the 6 default camera lens MM settings and the slider that allowed you to change between the defaults, in iClone 3.0 you have the same menu options. However, now the software will place key-frames each and every time you make a lens change to a custom camera. These key-frames can of course, then be edited via the timeline. This is awesome for the Machinimators and more traditional 3D filmmakers out there because now when used along with camera animation, the Camera Lens Animation now makes real-time rack focus shot possible. To create a Camera Lens key-frame follow these steps.

  • Click the Stage tab
  • Select the Camera button
  • Locate and click the Add button form the Modify panel
  • Place your camera angle
  • Choose a default Camera Lens MM (for a more dramatic effect choose a high or low setting)
  • Move forward in time in your project
  • Use the Zoom, Orbit and Pan tools to place the camera in a new position
  • Choose a different default Camera Lens
  • Click Play to review the Camera Lens Animation

Below is a quick video example of this technique, this method is simple to execute and visually epic when used properly. It really is as simple as choosing a camera angle and lens for any given shot. This works best for animated cameras or follow cameras that are attached to a moving object. Use a bit of discipline with this tip and your sure to improve the overall professional look of your cameras.


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