Creating Anime Characters with iClone 3.0

Kane to Anime style character using Head Morphing and Bone Scaling

Kane to Anime style character using Head Morphing and Bone Scaling

Today’s tip is for the Manga fans out there, those of us who still search for that copy of Fist of the North Star, or watch Ninja Scroll to go to sleep sometimes, now iClone 3.0 can fulfill your Anime ambitions. With iClone 3.0, there are two new main features that make Creating Anime Characters possible, the first is the new Head Morph options for designing new head styles and the avatar Bone Scale abilities. When used together, these features make Dragonball Z type characters quick and easy to create complete with that traditional “large eyes, big muscles, even bigger hair” look totally possible. To create this type of chacracter use the Kane G3 default model and follow these steps

(high-speed Video of these steps below)

  • Go to the Actor tab
  • Click the Avatar button
  • Select the Kane default actor from the Template folder
  • Go to the Head tab
  • Click the Faces button
  • Select the Trey head from the Template folder
  • Go to the Actor tab again
  • Click the Hair button
  • Locate and click Remove from the Modify Panel
  • Again click the Head tab
  • Again in the Faces menu, locate and click the Head option in the Facial Feature portion of the Modify panel
  • Choose the Anime option
  • Adjust the Weight slider to suit the character
  • Click the Eyes button
  • Choose and Edit an eye template to suit your character
  • Click the Teeth button
  • Choose and Edit a teeth template for your character
  • Again click the Faces button and edit each Facial Feature
  • Add a Hair Style
  • Edit the Bone Scale to fit the character
  • Edit the upper and lower body texture to change the overall look of the clothes

Editing the Bone Scale in the Avatar menu, Modify panel will allow users to create any different proportion for each and every character. Go from huge, muscle-bound to skinny and frail with this feature. Access each area with the avatar dummy and use the sliders for Width, Length and Depth to edit these areas. Below is a super fast video showing this entire process in a little over one minute. This is a bit of a longer process, so the video has been speed up to show it from beginning to end, if there are any questions please feel free to let me know. Thanks and enjoy!


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