Deep Water Effects in iClone 3.0

Use Particles, Fog and Flex Props to create awsome deep water effects

Use Particles, Fog and Flex Props to create awsome deep water effects

Avast Ye iCloners, today ye be sinkin down to the crushing deep of Davie Jones locker to unlock the wonders at the bottom of the world. Which is to say, today’s tip focuses on Deep Water Effects, using Particles and Fog. iClone has had impressive image based particles since version 2.5, however, there are now new particles that are meant to be used with the new Water templates or used like I do in this case with a solid blue skydome. This gives that really submersive effect and ensures your camera always appears to be in deep, deep water. To create these Deep Water Effects follow the simple steps below…

  • Place a solid Blue Skydome into your scene
  • Click the Set tab
  • Select the Particle button
  • Locate and open the Water Ripple folder
  • Scroll down and double click Deep Water 01 or 02 (your choice)
  • Click Play to review
  • Scroll up and double click the Bubbles 01template
  • Set the X,Y and Z emit values to 500 each in the Modify panel
  • Set the Random Direction to 200 to scatter the particle bubbles
  • Click Play to review
  • Select the Stage tab
  • Click the Fog button
  • Double click the Mid Blue fog, check the checkbox and be sure to turn on Pixel Shader
  • Add in Flex Props to populate the sea floor from the Props-Template-Flex Props folder

When these effects are combined with Lighting, Custom Lens values and Depth of Field, a truly remarkable deep water shot can be achieved. Add a camera to your scene and then play around with the angles, Lens and DOF settings. To showcase this beautiful bundle of effects you can go walk the plank…or watch the high speed video below to see the method in action. Now back to animatin’ ye swabs or it’s 43 lashes before ye bedtime. Yarrr!


2 Responses to “Deep Water Effects in iClone 3.0”

  1. 1 andres
    July 30, 2011 at 4:45 pm

    Buenos días mi nombre es Andres Narvaez soy Colombiano y de profesión Arquitecto, me gustaría saber donde puedo adquirir el programa I clone 4 y quien me podría enseñar a manejarlo.

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