Drag and Drop Forests in iClone 3.0

Did you know that creating a Forest in iClone is as easy as Dragging and Dropping it into the scene?

Did you know that creating a Forest in iClone is as easy as Dragging and Dropping it into the scene?

Today’s tip is one that the Arbor Day Foundation could really wrap their arms around, get it…tree-huggers! It focuses on using the Drag and Drop features to create a Forest in super fast fashion. There were trees you could access in previous versions of iClone, sure, but the new trees offered can be animated and edited but they can also be placed in your scene simply based on where you Drag and Drop them from your folder. It’s a innovative and new way to populate your scenes with the speed that every 3D animator / Machinimator wants when in the throws of production. To begin to the Drag and Drop Forests process follow the quick-guide below…

  • Go to the Set tab
  • Click the Terrain button
  • Load the Hill or Field terrain model
  • Click the Tree tab
  • Select the Template folder
  • Begin to Drag and Drop trees into the scene
  • Place the trees at different points in the project
  • Adjust the Wind Strength slider to customize the tree animation
  • Choose different tree models to create variety in your forest
  • Click the Grass button
  • Paint in grass for added detail
  • Click the Sky button
  • Double click a Sky template to round off the scene
  • Click Play to review your forest

For most 3D animation software trees can be the largest resource hogs in the world, bogging down machines with insane poly-counts to the point that it becomes a bad idea to even attempt to shoot forest scenes or deep wood shots. But this is a thing of the past for iClone 3.0 trees can be placed and edited fast and easy and best of all they won’t kill your machine in the process. Not to mention that creating an entire forest terrain has never been faster or easier to accomplish. Below is a high-speed video showing just how fast you too can find yourself lost in the wild. Enjoy.


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