Converging G3 Heads with G2 Bodies

This valuable tip will allow you to have the best of both worlds, G2 body styles with Head Morphing capabilites

This valuable tip will allow you to have the best of both worlds, G2 body styles with Head Morphing capabilites

Hello iCloners of the world, today’s tip reveals a character combination tip that most of you out there probably haven’t stumbled upon yet. If your like me, when you are playing around with characters in iClone 3.0 you are more than likely using a new G3 avatar to do so. But, did you know that you can replace a G2 character head with a G3 head and then something very cool happens, you now have an G2 body style that has a head that is open to the new Head Morphing features, where G2 heads are not. So, if you want to use a G2 Natural Human Base but also wish to use the new Head Morphing options, simply switch out the head for any G3 template. To do this follow the simple steps below…

  • Click the Actor tab
  • Select the Avatar button
  • Load a G2 avatar into the scene (G2 Xor Natural Human Base is used in this example, notice that the “Head” option in the Facial Feature section is grayed out and not currently functional)
  • Go to the Head tab
  • Click the Faces button
  • Load a G3 template head (G3 Trey face is used in this example, notice that the Head Morphing options are now available to the character)
  • Choose a new Head style for your character
  • Use the Weight slider to adjust the style
  • Again click the Actor tab
  • Begin using the Bone Scaling options to customize the G2 body proportion

This is the kind of tip you won’t hear anywhere else because it is a little known fact regarding the character creation process in iClone 3.0. But, by executing this process you gain the best of both the G3 and G2 worlds. Being able to customize the character from head to toe regardless of avatar generation is great because it extends your iClone 3.0 content dramatically and opens up countless avenues for character stylization. And if you want the texture from your G2 head models simply load it using the fitting tools in iClone 3.0, it’s that easy. Below is a high-speed video showcasing this technique to make a new “Strong-Man” type avatar. Hope this helps you out next time you are developing actors for your iClone animations.


2 Responses to “Converging G3 Heads with G2 Bodies”

  1. August 28, 2008 at 6:05 am

    Great great great. Just what I was looking for. Thanks for the tips (btw, that muscular model at the end is a steroid nightmare!)

  2. August 28, 2008 at 3:39 pm

    Hey Ricky,

    Cool man, I was hoping this tip would ring true for some folks out there. Neat little feature that was kind of kept hidden, until now. And the avatar uses Creatine if you were wondering, but the roid rage is terrible…he he. Keep on Clone’n.

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