2D Anime image to 3D Anime Avatar in iClone 3.0

Violet default G3 Avatar edited to become a Ghost in the Shell style Anime Avatar

Violet default G3 Avatar edited to become a Ghost in the Shell style Anime Avatar

Hello iCloners of the world, due to the overwhelmingly positive response to the Creating Anime Characters tip, today’s tip focuses on my favorite part of Anime, the girls. To those of you who have ever watched Ghost in the Shell until the VHS wore out, or to the guys and girls out there who couldn’t get enough Lil’ Blue Girl, or dare I say fans of the Legend of the Overfiend, I promise this is an iClone tip you won’t want to miss. iClone has the ability to create a head texture based solely on a single 2D image, this is great because there are thousands of Anime examples out there to choose from, for this tip I am going to create a head based on a character image from Ghost in the Shell. I also will use some of the same Bone Scaling functions that are featured in the previous Anime tip o’ the day. To start creating a Female Anime avatar follow the steps below or see the high speed video example.

  • Load the Violet avatar into the scene
  • Click the Hair button
  • Locate and click the Remove button to delete the default hair model
  • Click the Head Tab
  • Select the Load Image button
  • Navigate to and Load your facial image (Ghost in the Shell head shot in the case)
  • Click and Drag a crop box around the face
  • Select the Female head shape from the fly out menu
  • Align the head contour and click next
  • Rotate and Scale the head mask to fit in the window then click next again
  • Line up the Feature points to align with the Eyes, Nose, Mouth and Head shape
  • Click OK to apply the image fitting to your head model
  • Select the Eyes button
  • Choose an Eye Template
  • Use the Scale and Adjust tool to enlarge and position the Eyes
  • Click the Faces button
  • Edit each Facial Feature to suit your character
  • Add a new Hair model
  • Use the Adjust Color and position tools to place and customize the hair
  • Use Bone Scale or other custom uppers to further edit the overall Anime look of your girl

Female Anime Characters are, face it, a little more fun to watch then the average ninja. With iClones new Head Morphing and Bone Scaling options, you can recreate almost any Anime character style with a little time and effort. Every body feature is able to be lengthened, or widened, or plumped, whatever works best for your Anime Machinima fantasy. Now the ability to create Anime fan films is totally accessible through the iClone real-time production environment, you won’t even need a team of Malaysian minors chained to light boards tweening their little fingers to the bone into the night. Imagine that! Below is a high speed video of this method in action and a small stab at a GiTS style shot or two. Enjoy!


1 Response to “2D Anime image to 3D Anime Avatar in iClone 3.0”

  1. September 2, 2008 at 6:46 am

    Nice tip. Some very good ideas there. I’ll have to try this with other anime characters. A whole style can be created this way. Excellent!

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