Motion Clips made with the Collect Clip Track

Zombies only do 2 things, eat brains and walk around, with the collect clip track iClone can help you out with that second part.

Zombies only do 2 things, eat brains and walk around, with the collect clip track iClone can help you out with that second part.

Hello iCloners, today’s tip rips into the Collect Clip Track, which is a new addition to the timeline that allows users to combine key-frames from other tracks to create custom motion clips, sounds complicated, well, it couldn’t be more easy all you need are some brains. Imagine this, you have a custom character that you want to create a custom walk cycle for, something that is definitive of the actor itself. In this example I will show you a zombie avatar, zombies have very distinctive walk cycles in case you haven’t noticed watching the undead walk about your hometown. That is of course unless you live in the UK, I hear there zombies run like the wind. Anyway, you can create this walk cycle using the Edit Motion Layer button, posing your character in 3 to 4 basic positions to create only one portion of the animation and then, creating a Motion clip using the Collect Clip Track. To do this follow the steps below or see the high-speed survivor footage…

  • Load a Avatar into the scene
  • Click the Animation Tab
  • Select the Motion button
  • Click the Edit Motion Layer button to launch the Edit Motion Layer menu
  • Use the IK Rotate and IK Move tools to create the first pose for your character walk cycle
  • Move forward in time in your project
  • Use the IK Rotate and IK Move tools to create the second pose for your character walk cycle
  • Click the Timeline button from the bottom toolbar to open the Timeline
  • Locate and select the Transform and Motion Layer buttons to open both tracks
  • In the Motion Layer track Copy and Paste the first key-frame after the other keys, maling it the third motion in the sequence, this should create one step in a walk cycle
  • Select the Transform track and then find where the character begins to move forward based on your walk cycle
  • Click the Add a Key button to place a key-frame on the Transform track
  • Move forward in the project to the end of your Motion Layer key-frames
  • Use the Move Tool to move the character forward in the scene
  • Click the Collect Clip button on the Timeline
  • Click and Drag to select the area of multiple tracks to collect
  • Right Click the highlighted area on the Collect Clip Track
  • Choose Add to Library
  • Name and Save your new motion clip
  • Locate and click the Perform button on the Timeline
  • Right Click the track and choose Import
  • Select the newly saved Motion to add the clip to the timeline

Motion Clips made with the Collect Clip Track are a drop dead cool way to make custom motions. These can be saved and reassigned to any character at anytime. The clips speed and duration can also be customized by selecting them on the Timeline and then hovering over the edge of the clip. You would be brainless not to try to create some clips on your own using this method. However, if you are brainless, then you are ahead of the game because they won’t be after you. You won’t need a shotgun and plenty of 2×4’s, or a large modified suburban vehicle with a snowplow welded to the front of it, no sir, not you…because anyone with a brain knows, slackjaws do 2 things, eat brains and walk around, iClone 3.0 can help out with that second part if you use Collect Clip. Below is some survivor footage as promised, kids, leave the room. Brains……..


4 Responses to “Motion Clips made with the Collect Clip Track”

  1. 1 Mark
    October 27, 2008 at 3:57 pm

    Doesn’t baking the transform into the clip screw up the application of it? If I have zombie X performing the step, he seems to constantly get sent back to Go at the end of the clip.

    Or am I trimming it in Collect Clip badly?

  2. October 29, 2008 at 4:45 am

    Hello Mark,

    Sorry for the delay in the response, it’s true, baking in the Transform keys will have a considerable effect on the clip. Try this, after saving your clip, delete the keys on the tracks that you have just collected. Then, go to the frame you wish the motion to begin and place the clip on Timeline. This will help to remove imperfections from time to time with more complex character movement. Or, only create the motion loop in the Motion Layer track, then collect that as a clip and key-frame the Transform keys after that. If you have any other questions, suggestions or even corrections, always feel free to voice them here at the blog. Your feedback is great. Thanks again.

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