Tag 3D Graffiti to anything in iClone 3.0

3D Graffiti created using 2 texture maps and a single 3D Surface prop

3D Graffiti created using 2 texture maps and a single 3D Surface prop

Everyday on my way back to the machine I have to pass by the train yards here in Fort Lauderdale and it’s one of the highlights of my day. Why you ask? Not for my love of the choo-choos that’s for sure, but instead the canvas that they become for that elusive breed of rouge painters known as Graff kids, a.k.a. Graffiti artist. Today’s tip deals with two things near and dear to my heart, iClone 3.0 and Graffiti and how to combine the two. Why is this tip important to you if you care nothing about Graffiti or urban art? Well, it’s simple really, it’s things like Graffiti on the side of a train, or cracks in the sidewalk, the small details that exist in real life should always be taken into account when producing in a virtual environment. These minor fine touches to your scenes and props in general will make a major difference in how viewers perceive your production. This tip shows how to create 3D Graffiti with 2 Maps and 1 3D prop that can be placed, linked and saved for the purpose of having a large quantity of these fine details at your disposal. Why is this method beneficial to your creation technique? One of the most outstanding aspects is that you can essentially re-texture objects to add detail without opening said objects texture files, you won’t even need them. To quit talking and begin throwing up some tags of your own around your real-time stage follow the steps below or check out the high speed video example of the process.

  • Go to the Set tab
  • Click the Props button
  • Click the Template folder
  • Select the 3D Surface folder
  • Double click the Plane_A prop to load it into the scene
  • In the Modify panel locate and click the Diffuse map
  • Click the Open button to load a custom image, for this example I am using Graffiti images
  • After this image is applied, click the Opacity map
  • Click the Open button to load a Opacity map, of the same Graffiti image
  • Use the Adjust Scale tools to edit the size of the prop itself
  • Use the Move tool to position the prop
  • Right click the prop to Link or Attach it to another object, in this case I have chosen a subway car
  • Click the Add icon under the Content Manager to save your new 3D Graffiti prop

Creating 3D Graffiti in iClone 3.0 is something that gives my city scenes that extra touch to push my quality up a notch or two. True, it does take more time to pay attention to the little things but the pay off in the end is worth it, and makes the eye candy that much sweeter. Plus the addition of things like 3D Graffiti to a more than often times sterile and flat selection of models in an environment will give the sence that people inhabit these areas and exist here to the point of taking the time to create art around themselves. Not to mention as long as there has been a wall, there has been someone there to express their feelings, pass their knowledge, and tell their stories to others by writing on them. Why should your next Machinima feature be any different?


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