Do your characters have anything to Look At in iClone 3.0?

The new Look At feature in iClone can save you countless hours with just 2 clicks

The new Look At feature in iClone can save you countless hours with just 2 clicks

Hey iCloners, first let me start by saying there is some hullabaloo out there about this blog on the feed today and I just want to say thanks to everyone who are enjoying these tips. I am having a lot of fun producing them. Today’s tip is a pretty quick and easy one but is insanely powerful, it focuses on the new Look At feature in iClone 3.0. This little number is amazing, it’s a two click solution to what used to amount to a ton of painstaking camera work and key-frame character animation. You can simply click the Look At option and then choose your target, which can be another character, or any camera in scene as well as any object. Sound too good to be true? I know it does, but it’s a reality in iClone now, so you should make great use of it for sure. There is also Head and Eye orientation sliders in the Look at Weight and Eye Convergence section that allow you to adjust the position of the Head and Eyes in relation to the targets animation. These functions are something that must be used in conjunction with the Look At feature in order to ensure a desired Look At animation. Think about it, the cameras, actors and objects in your project can really move anywhere you can imagine, so using a little discretion and fine tuning with the Eye and Head and Inward Outward sliders when utilizing this feature and it will make all the difference. To see where to find and how to use this awesome new tool, follow the steps below or see the high speed video.

  • Load an Avatar into your project
  • Add a custom camera or prop to your scene
  • Animate the camera or object in the scene
  • Select your avatar by double clicking it
  • In the Modify panel scroll down and locate the Look At portion of the menu
  • To Look At the Camera select the Look at Cam option
  • To Look At the animated Prop select the Pick Target button
  • Then Click on the Prop in the scene, notice a bounding box will flash indicating the link was a success
  • Scrub your animation to review the characters Look At animation
  • Use the Look at Weight and Eye Convergence sliders to edit the animation if you see that the Head or Eyes are reacting in an unwanted fashion
  • Click the Set Free button at any point in the animation to allow the character to Look At multiple objects or cameras

The new Look At feature in iClone 3.0 is the perfect way to create lots of interesting crowd reactions, individual character recognition, first person fight scenes, and I could go on and on. The time saved by using this option allows you to animate scenarios that just would have been too much work otherwise just to get your characters all to Look At something. But those days are long gone, and another limitation just became a thing of the past thanks to this innovative solution provided only in iClone 3.0. Below as always is a high speed video showcasing this method in action, one for the kid in us all. Notice how the emotion of the child is in a very real way translated by Look At. Enjoy!


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