Creating 3D Alien Avatars in iClone 3.0

Alien Avatar created in iClone 3.0 using default content along with the Bone Scale and Head Morphing abilities

Alien Avatar created in iClone 3.0 using default content along with the Bone Scale and Head Morphing abilities

Greetings iCloners, I come in peace…of mind, the peace of mind that one receives from creating 3D Alien characters for animation and film-making earth purposes in iClone 3.0. In the not so distant past, iClone avatars did not have the ability to Bone Scale and Head Morph, now they do, but still to achieve a nude base 3D Alien you must use the Converging G2 Bodies with G3 Heads technique along with the Bone Scale and Head Morph abilities. The outcome is stellar and a perfect new solution to implanting extra-terrestrial actors into your next sci-fi Machinima feature. To create this style of Alien Avatar inside of iClone 3.0 follow the steps below or watch the high-speed video build of the custom character.

  • Go to the Actor tab
  • Click the Avatar button
  • Select the G2 Jane Nude Human Base model from the Custom folder
  • Go to the Head tab
  • Click the Faces button
  • Select the Violet head from the Template folder
  • Go to the Actor tab again
  • Again in the Faces menu, locate and click the Head option in the Facial Feature portion of the Modify panel
  • Choose the Alien option
  • Adjust the Weight slider to suit the character
  • Click the Eyes button
  • Choose and Edit an eye template to suit your character,for this example the Whites of the eyes have been darkened
  • Click the Teeth button
  • Choose and Edit a teeth template for your character
  • Again click the Faces button and edit each Facial Feature to appear more “Alien-like”
  • Select the Actor Tab and click the Skin button
  • Locate and edit the Hue slider in the Modify panel to customize the color of the skin
  • Click the Avatar button
  • Edit the Bone Scale to fit the character
  • Use the Width, Length and Depth sliders to give the characters features a more “Alien-like” proportion

Creating 3D Alien Avatars in iClone 3.0 is a whole other style of characters at your access which in turn opens the door to countless science fiction productions that may have been to much trouble before due to the Alien meshes that would’ve had to have been created in an outside modeling source like Maya or 3D Max. The modeling and rigging alone of the characters would have taken a great deal of time and effort to even get to a starting point for the production, this is no longer an issue by using the new character creation features in iClone 3.0. Now Machinimators and traditional 3D film-makers alike can really shoot and produce in an Alien Nation if they so choose. An entirely new race, an completely new culture, a sci-fi of epic size and scale, nothing is beyond the real-time iClone Galaxy now. All that’s left to do is for you to choose where in the universe your next story takes place. Below as always is a high speed video of the character build and rendered output of this close encounter of the “Clone-kind.” Enjoy!


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  1. May 2, 2010 at 11:10 pm

    I Really Want To Do This.

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