Design and Export Web Banners using iClone 3.0

iClone can be used for all kinds of creative outlets such as Web Banners

iClone can be used for all kinds of creative outlets such as Web Banners

Hello iCloners, that’s right you read it correct, I said create Web Banners in iClone 3.0. Sorry for the hiatus as well Cloners, but I am back and ready to tackle your real-time issues, and today’s tip focuses on creating Web Banners with your iClone projects by designing custom output sizes at the beginning of your session. I have always viewed iClone as a multifaceted tool capable of producing things beyond awesome movies. For example, iClone is perfect for producing abstract motion graphic backgrounds similar to those the likes of Digital Juice. Don’t believe me? Well, just open up some default particle systems and play around with the camera. Or, there are users out there that only use iClone to create panels for online comics, using only single image output, no video. These are both one of many paths an artist can walk down in the real-time environment when iClone is viewed in this versatile light, and single image output is what creating custom Web Banners in iClone is all about. There are 4 common sizes that are normally used to create and compose banners, they are a Vertical Banner 120×240, a Full Banner 468×60, Large Banner 780×95 and Vertical Tower 160×600. Follow the steps below to see just how to work from the Export Tab first in iClone instead of last or view the high-speed video example.

  • Go to the Export Tab
  • Choose the Image Format, for this example I use JPG
  • Choose the Image Size, for this example I am creating a Large Banner 780×95
  • Select Assets to place into your image such as Characters, Terrains, Atmospheres, Props, Particles…etc
  • Scrub the Play-head if you have active elements in scene such as Particles or Atmosphere to find a frame you are happy with to render in the final image
  • Return to the Export Tab
  • Click the Export button to render the image
  • Name and Save the image in a location where you will retrieve it later for use on a website
  • Resize the Image Size to correspond with a new banner size
  • Arrange the assets in scene to compose a new layout and Web Banner design
  • Repeat the rendering and resizing process for as many designs as you like

Creating Web Banners in iClone 3.0 is a quick and easy solution to market or showcase your iClone content on your or a friends or business’s website. There are a couple of steps you should also take to ensure you have everything you want exposed in your custom Web Banners, the first is to open your Preferences and turn off MitMap if you are planning on including text in your banner. Sometimes when you use Diffuse and Opacity maps to create text in iClone you will notice a blurred edge, this is because MitMap is checked in the on position, just turn it off and your good to go. Also, using the Diffuse and Opacity maps technique to create text from an external editor is a fast and easy way to include logos or branding in your iClone Web Banners. Below is a high-speed video showcasing the customization and layout of creating Web Banners in iClone 3.0


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