Instant Walk Paths for your actors in iClone 3.0, Reservoir Clones Part 1

Create Walk Paths by using the Right Click menu and point and click option in Director Mode in iClone 3.0

Create Walk Paths by using the Right Click menu and point and click option in Director Mode in iClone 3.0

Hello iCloners, this is a first for iClone Certified Training, today I am posting the first installment of a 3 part iClone Tip of the Day. Todays tip focuses on Instant Walk Path creation in both Director and Editor Mode. But first, let me explain the method of my motion madness here. You see, I think everybody at one point or another has wanted to be a part of their favorite films, wither it was on the back of a zooming Speederbike through the forest floor of Endor, or slinging webs from skyscraper to skyscraper as you swing around as your friendly neighborhood Spider-man, you more than likely can relate. This is why I think people are compelled to create Fan Films for the movies and stories they have grown to love. Image if you wanted to include an alternate ending all your own to a movie that you think didn’t quite get it right the first time. Or maybe your like me and would like to see the bad guys win every once and awhile. Well, iClone 3.0 is the stage where your Fan Film can become a 3D reality. With new features that directly relate to the right click Shader Menu, users can now direct scenes to resemble actual movies and real-life actor movement. For example, if you are a iClone user of previous versions, I’m sure you can recall the times where Cloners would long for a simple solution to making iClone avatars just walk where they wanted them to with the motion Reallusion provided. If your a new iClone user and don’t remember this, well, you lucked out. Wouldn’t it be nice if Reallusion just made it possible to…I don’t know, just point and click and my character would…you know…just walk there. Sound familiar? Well, guess what, that’s exactly what you can do in Director Mode and Editor Modes right now, believe it or not. Want me to prove it? OK, well here’s how ya do it, follow the steps below or watch the high-speed video build.

  • Go to the Actor Tab
  • Click the Avatar button
  • Load an Avatar into the scene
  • Select the Mode Switch button from the bottom tool bar to activate Director Mode
  • Click the Enter option to set your camera before creating any animation, make sure that you can clearly see the avatar and also where you wish the avatar to walk to
  • Use the Orbit, Zoom and Pan tools to set the camera angle
  • Double Click the character to make sure it is active, notice a Blue Pyramid icon over the avatar to indicate it is active
  • Right Click the avatar to access the Shader Menu, the character animation clip options will vary depending on what Persona you have applied, for this example I am using the default Trey Persona
  • Select Move and click Move Forward
  • Then simply Double click anywhere in scene you wish your character to walk to
  • Strike Spacebar once the character has reached the selected point to stop recording
  • Again, Right Click the avatar to access the Shader Menu
  • Select Move and click Move Forward
  • Repeat this process until your entire Walk Path has been created
  • Also remember that you can produce these instantly in both Director Mode and Editor Modes

Creating Instant Walk Paths in iClone 3.0 is really as simple as pointing and clicking. It may have took 3 versions to get there, but hey, great things come to those who animate right. Now, to explain how Fan Films tie into all of this, and uncover why this is going to be a 3 part tip. I want iCloners everywhere to begin to use iClone not only to make movies, but to have a outlet and a voice to share views and opinions about the things we all love, like our favorite films, art, literature and music. So, with that in mind I decided to tackle reanimating a very popular Pulp movie scene from one of my favorite Tarantino films, Reservoir Dogs, into a iClone 3D remix intro, if you will, I call it…Reservoir Clones. If your not hip to his work I’ll let you know what I mean, in this intro 8 guys are walking in a group down an alley, doesn’t sound very interesting, but seeing it and filming it true to the original directors style and vision makes something that seems very simple, very, very cool. Parts 2 and 3 to this 3 part tip will discuss and explore how Designing Simple Sets for your Shots and Taking Control of the Camera Switcher along with Instant Walk Path creation made a few simple iClone renders come together to match one scene from a true cult classic…Reservoir Dogs. Below is the high-speed video example of Part 1along with Reservoir Clones machinima intro. So you gonna bark all day little dog…or are ya gonna bite? Enjoy!

Watch for comparison to the Fan Film render.


2 Responses to “Instant Walk Paths for your actors in iClone 3.0, Reservoir Clones Part 1”

  1. October 3, 2008 at 5:48 am

    Nice work, James. Very good tut. Thanks for the detailed video. Clip looks great!

  2. October 4, 2008 at 12:12 am

    Thanks Ricky,

    I want to show everyone that iClone has the power to produce so much more than just music videos and sci-fi movies. It’s a stage, the most powerful stage ever offered to the real-time community, and should be used as such. Make sure to check out parts 2 and 3 to this one, although something tells me that you will my friend. Thanks again.

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