How to retouch Horse iProp Textures in iClone3, the Headless Horseman

Headless Horseman and Dark Horse created with iClone3.03

Headless Horseman and Dark Horse created with iClone3.03

Good Evening iCloners, I know some of you out there were expecting Part 3 to the Reservoir Clones tip today, but by user request, today’s tip focuses on basically how to re-texture Horse iProps in iClone 3.0. Also around this time of year it’s good to get in the spirit I think, since I love Halloween you are going to begin to see some more seasonal themes in some of the Tips and renders. Really there are two ways to go about editing the Horse iProps that you can purchase from the certified content store at http://www.Reallusion.com, the first and most simple way is to use the Brightness, Contrast, Hue and Saturation sliders found in the Modify Panel to edit the preset texture of one of the three horse templates. They are the Arabian, the Farm horse and the Thoroughbred templates. For this example I have edited the Thoroughbred template and it’s a super easy process when using an external image editor such as Photoshop. Here’s how it works, follow the simple steps below or watch the high speed video edit.

  • Go to Set
  • Click the Props button
  • Click the Template folder
  • Locate and select the Horses iProp folder
  • Choose the Thoroughbred template
  • In the Modify panel select the Diffuse map to activate it for editing
  • Click the Launch button to open the texture into an external image editor
  • Use functions like Levels, Hue and Saturation to edit the template image
  • Reference real horse images if you need to and paint a pattern using Brush tools
  • Save and Name the edited file over the temporary JPG file
  • Return to iClone
  • Click the Update button to apply the edited Diffuse map
  • To refine the edits multiple times again click Launch
  • Click Update image
  • Edit the image once again
  • Save the JPG
  • Repeat until you are pleased with the overall look of the Horse iProp Texture

Re-texturing Horse iProps in iClone 3.0 or really any asset or element for that matter is basically the same simple process. The lesson to learn here is that there are powerful editing features right there in the modify panel that can sometimes provide enough of a variance to the look of the object to create an obvious difference from the canned settings. For example, in the video example below you will see how to open and edit the Diffuse iProp Map for the purpose of showing the more advanced texture editing technique meant more for power users, yet on the other hand, the Horse iProp featured in the Ichabod Clone and the Legend of Sleepy Hollow clip has only minor modifications made to it’s Diffuse iProp Map directly inside of iClone. This is a stew of tricks and treats to pull of this character and custom stallion, see if you can spot some of them, but don’t go and lose your head. Enjoy!


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