Haunted House 3D elements, Illuminated Jack-O-Lantern from Google 3D Warehouse to iClone3

Come on baby' light my pumpkin. Using Glow Objects in iClone3

Good Evening iCloners, well, todays the 12th of October, the second Sunday, and so marks the carving of the pumpkins for millions of people everywhere. There are also those of us who are chipping away at our virtual Halloween productions at the same time, and no matter what kind of scary story your working on, chances are if you don’t already have a few 3D Illuminated Jack-O-Lanterns in the scene, then you could use a few. Today’s tip reveals 2 methods, first harvesting our model from the vast library of free content provided in the Google 3D Warehouse, and second, using Glow objects along with Editing Materials and Specular and Glossiness settings to illuminate your pumpkin. Converting these assets with 3DXchange allows users to access a quick and easy pipe-line to port from the library to the real-time stage, it’s as simple as using keywords to search for what you want, in this case Pumpkin will do. I mean what do you expect? It’s Google, so you know it’s going to be easy and usually will locate exactly what you want the first time around. And again, like I have stated in previous posts, it is important to pay attention to the little details and give your scenes that “lived-in” look and feel to them. Your audience will thank you for it, even if they don’t know it. To get started, lets head to the ol’ Google pumpkin patch and pick a winner, follow the steps below or, watch the high-speed video build.

  • Open 3DXchange
  • Click the G icon to activate Google 3D Warehouse
  • Type in keyword Pumpkin
  • Search until you find one you like
  • Click Download Model
  • Once the model is in iClone 3DXchange, click the Align to Center and Align to Ground buttons
  • Use HotKey: Ctrl + E to Export your file
  • Select the Props bullet
  • Choose a folder destination
  • Click OK to successfully Export
  • In iClone, go to the Set tab
  • Click the Props button
  • Select the Custom tab
  • Locate the designated folder where the pumpkin model was exported into
  • Drag and Drop your new prop into the viewport
  • Scroll down in the Modify panel and find the Material and Texture Settings portion
  • Check on Effect All Materials
  • Click the Diffuse Color swatch
  • Choose an Orange hue from the color picker
  • Click the Ambient Color swatch
  • Choose an Dark Orange hue from the color picker
  • Click the Specular Color swatch
  • Select a color that will work best with your lighting scenario
  • Scroll down and adjust the Specular and Glossiness sliders, until you are pleased
  • Click the Template tab in the Content Manager
  • Locate the 3D Blocks folder
  • Load a Ball_01 prop into the scene
  • Use the Move and Scale tools to position the object inside the pumpkin you wish to light
  • In the Modify Panel, select the Glow map to activate it
  • Click the Open button to apply a colored texture map, an Orange or Yellow image work best for this
  • Right Click the Glow object and select Attach
  • Click the Pumpkin, a bounding box will flash to indicate a successful parent-child attachment
  • Select the Merge button, if you want to permanently combine the objects
  • Then click the Add button under the Content Manager to Name and Save the illuminated Pumpkin

Creating Haunted House 3D elements, like Illuminated Jack-O-Lanterns is essential to all Halloween animations, that is of course unless your going the more traditional horror or gore scenario. Even in the event you are, you still may want to include things like pumpkins to give your audience a sense of the season and set the tone of your film, it can never hurt. Adding additional effects to further the small details of the objects will also make for a richer and more appealing scene in the end. This is easily accomplished by getting to know and utilizing Material Editing techniques along with adding assets such as Glow Objects that are meant to serve a singular function in your project, to enhance the small details. That’s all, that’s the trick….or treat if you will. Below is a high speed video example of how to create an Illuminated Jack-O-Lantern from Google 3D Warehouse to iClone3 with a couple of props from the new Classic Horror Movies Content Pack which if you haven’t seen yet, let me just say…it is by far the COOLEST set of content I personally have ever seen emerge from Reallusion, and I can only hope, plead, hope and beg for more content in this style. It’s the sickest thing in real-time, seriously. Check it out at http://www.reallusion.com/contentstore/iClone/pack/ClassicHorrorMovies_Mockup/Mockup.aspx


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