Haunted House 3D elements, Wicked Witch with Particle trails in iClone3

Spread the Halloween spirit around with Particle Trails in iClone3

Spread the Halloween spirit around with Particle Trails in iClone3

Greetings my pretties…I mean iCloners, sorry got Wizard of Oz on the brain, which is what inspired today’s tip, creating Particle Trails in iClone3. In iClone you can attach Particle Emitters to moving objects in order to react to the movement of that prop or character. This is a great way to create custom situations such as a trail from a jets afterburner, or a tire track from a vehicle moving through the mud, or in this case a bit of Halloween magic falling to Earth from the broomstick of our Witch avatar. How does this sort of tip benefit you the user, well, it’s simple, again this is something that enhances the small details in the scene to help “sell” the scene to the audience. The more eye candy you include in any given scene, the more your viewers will enjoy watching your movies and from time to time, it just may cause them to come back and watch again to see these small but important details in action. To attach an emitter to an object in motion, follow the steps below, or watch the high-speed video build.

  • Load an Avatar into the scene
  • Position and Animate the avatar or object you wish to have Particle trails (a Plane vehicle helper was used to animate the Witch in this tutorial)
  • Click Play to view
  • Click the Set tab
  • Select the Particle button
  • Click the Template tab
  • Choose a Particle template, in this tip I customize the Magic Waterfall for our Witch
  • In the Modify Panel, select the Pick Parent button to attach you emitter to the character
  • Click the Lower Torso of the character
  • Click Play to view, notice the emitter color and alignment which will be edited to fit the
  • Under the Color section, click the color swatches to edit the Particle color to suit your scene
  • Click Play to view the edited Colors you have selected and applied to the character
  • Scroll down & edit the X and Y axis Position values to 0 to move the emitter into place
  • Make sure your Gravity on the Z axis is set to a negative number so that the Particle will flow down
  • Click Play to view the Particle Trail now produced as your Witch character flies around
  • Select the Add button under the Content Manager to save the custom Particle template

The Witch avatar featured in this Haunted House 3D elements tip is a bit of Bonus content you get when you purchase the Classic Horror Movies content pack from Reallusion, which is breaking tons of new film-making ground with all the new and impressive iClone Horror Ani-movies emerging out there. Make sure to check out David Thomas’ Distrubing Experience, a horror film made in iClone3. This is David’s first film made with iClone3. Warning: Contains totally awesome and masterfully EXECUTED graphic violence. Dave, if your out there man, my hat is off to you. Not only can you make a kick-ass Hamburger, but you can also rock some serious iClone.

See it at http://www.animizemedia.com/wordpress/?p=111

This is also the final Haunted House 3D elements Tip of the Day so I hope you have enjoyed this seasonal approach to an assortment of tips. Please let me know how you good people out there feel about it and if I hear good things I will continue to produce theme oriented tips in numbers from time to time. Plus I’m a Halloween junkie so you can bet on seeing a new set of these annually for sure. Thanks again for tuning into iClone Training and enjoy the high speed video build below showcasing the Particle Trails method in action along with a fly-by Salem style!


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