Moving into the Interactive Home, iProps overview in iClone3

Become familiar with the pre-set Interactive Home Project and gain a better understanding of iProps and how they work

Become familiar with the pre-set Interactive Home Project and gain a better understanding of iProps and how they work

Good evening iCloners, in iClone sometimes it’s easy to overlook some of the coolest features and projects that are right under your nose from time to time if your not careful. Today’s tip focuses on one such project that if you haven’t cracked open and played around with then you have missed out on some powerful additions to the new version. This wondrous project of which I speak is the Interactive Home Project. This is a default project that all users have in whatever version of iClone that you currently have, from EX to PRO. It is a complete home set up with iProps which are Live Props that have Operate Actions that allow you the director to select movements and operations for the character in the scene to react with the selected iProp. For example, if you make the Sofa iProp active, you can then Right-Click the prop and choose the Operate option and assign the character a Sit Down animation which the avatar will them perform. It’s a quick and easy way to achieve character motion and scene interaction without the hassle of key-framing. Sound like something you would be interested in learning more about? I thought so, And the perfect training ground for you to begin exploring this new iClone aspect is the Interactive Home Project. Look at this project as a “getting to know the controls” sort of video game opener level and you will see how becoming familiar with these aspects will help you in future custom projects or “levels” if you will. Reallusion has already graciously provided a couple of image layers even with step by step instructions in this project to help you out. How much easier can it get…really?

  • Open iClone
  • Click Project
  • Choose the Template tab
  • Select the Interactive Home Project
  • Click the Play button to review the instructions and demo animation
  • Select New Project to start a new scene
  • Click the Actor tab
  • Then the Avatar button
  • Load a new Avatar, for this example I use the Niobe avatar from the Dream Girls content pack
  • Now click the Set tab to place an Interactive Home iProp into the project
  • Select the Props button and the Template tab
  • Locate the Home folder and select it
  • Load the Couch iProp into the scene by dragging it into the view port or double clicking
  • Right Click the couch and choose Operate
  • Then select a Motion, for this example use Sit 01notice the character immediately begin to animate
  • Do this for as many motions as you like then click Play to review your new character animation

The Interactive Home project is perfectly arranged to produce and direct the second you open iClone, all you have to do is replace the default animation and begin creating character – iProp interaction to develop quality animated output in record time. Or…you can make your own arrangment using the iProp folder and the individual elements found with in. It’s pretty cool because it gives you options, sure you can use more traditional methods such as IK. Even good ol’ key frame animation will do if you like in iClone, but, think for a second, how many ways is there to sit down on a couch, or drink from a glass? Some everyday motions are just that, ordinary and everyday. Do you really need to spend a few hours getting them exactly the way you want, or do you need your character to simply sit down and then get on with finishing that project you started in February of last year? Give it a shot, you’ll find the Interactive Home and iProps in iClone3 will save you valuable time and effort in the long run, and you might just have a little fun as well. Below is a high speed video example of the demo project and the iProps in action as well. Ah yeah baby, check it out.


2 Responses to “Moving into the Interactive Home, iProps overview in iClone3”

  1. 1 nourco
    March 8, 2009 at 1:27 am

    dear sir
    i love iprops but!! how to create my own iprop for example (open my own car door
    and close it .
    i dont want to use the defult iprops i hope you can set up new department
    or something like that to name it diy (do it your self with iclone) start with

  2. 2 afterThought
    March 9, 2009 at 3:43 am

    Hi nourco – you might want to check out the new AML Script Editor http://forum.reallusion.com/Topic16265-88-1.aspx

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