iClone 3.1 Get it while it’s HOT!


The wait is over iCloners and holysnikies what an update it is. Are they kidding with the new Springs Dynamics, you know the Dream Girls pack is getting ready to sky-rocket in sales with the addition of this new feature, am I right? This is gonna be great! How to upgrade whether you are a EX, or registered user is easy and only takes a few clicks and minutes to accomplish. The fastest way to do this is of course by simply opening iClone and then click the Check for Updates option. This will take you to the Upgrade Page directly but if your like me and need to see something a few times to get it to sink in then I have provided a little high-speed video showcasing my upgrade to 3.1 and how painless it really was. Watch it if you need to see or stop reading this post already and UPGRADE. What are you waiting for, you could be using 3.1 by now. Red Team go, Red Team go!


1 Response to “iClone 3.1 Get it while it’s HOT!”

  1. 1 afterThought
    November 22, 2008 at 12:34 am

    I totally agree – 3.1 is looking pretty awesome!!

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