Unbelievable Daz 3D scenes and how to convert them for use in iClone3

Daz 3D studio content filmed in iClone3 makes for a sick scene everytime

Daz 3D studio content filmed in iClone3 makes for a sick scene everytime

What’s good iCloners, today’s tip deals with just that…something good, something very good, Daz 3D content and how to get it into iClone3 quick and easy. For those of you out there who may not be familiar with Daz 3D but are with iClone let me get you up to speed. Daz 3D is a production studio sort of like iClone in the respect that you can create and animate inside a 3D production environment but falls short when it comes to the real-time capabilities provided to iClone filmmakers. However, Daz 3D is still super cool and there are a ton of loyal artist who produce high quality content with Daz and provide it for sale through the Daz 3D website which can be converted for use in iClone with very little time and effort wasted throughout the process. This can save time and possibly even save your production from time to time if there is that certain shot or scene that you need but just don’t have the time to create it on your own, Daz can come to your rescue. For this example I will show you how to get from one production platform to the other without pulling teeth, you will need Daz 3D studio, iClone 3DXchange and iClone obviously to follow along with this one. Follow the steps below or watch the high speed video showcase to catch a glance of this conversion method in action.

  • Open Daz 3D
  • Load your pre-downloaded 3D Scene Daz content
  • Click the Content tab and then locate your model in the proper folder
  • Use the Zoom and Rotate tools in Daz 3D to review the entire model you wish to convert
  • Go to File – Export to save the file for importing into 3DXchange
  • Name the file and choose the Obj format
  • In the Export menu click the Advanced tab and make sure Write UV Coordinates, Write Normals and Collect Maps are checked ON
  • Click Accept
  • Open iClone 3DXchange
  • Go to File – Open
  • Navigate to the saved Daz 3D Obj file
  • Use the Zoom and Rotate tools to review the model to make sure all textures are intact ( if you run into unwanted Blue texture areas, use the RELOAD button to try and correct the issue )
  • Select all in the Scene Tree and then click the 2 Sided check box ON to cap any back faced areas
  • Click the Align to GND (ground) button to properly position your new scene prop
  • Go to File – Export
  • Select the Props bullet
  • Choose the Browse button if you need to navigate to a custom folder
  • Select a Custom folder destination and click OK
  • Again click OK to Export
  • Open iClone
  • Click the Set tab
  • Select the Props button
  • Choose the Custom Tab
  • Find the folder where it was exported and Double Click the Daz 3D.vns scene
  • Use the Zoom, Pan and Orbit tools to review the new 3D scene prop
  • Add Sky domes, Ground props and other City Elements to create a quick and detailed City scene

Daz 3D Studio is a stellar product and offers some very cool content and features that just might help to push your next iClone production over the top. In this the new age of D.I.Y. film-making and amateur production art development , all tools and tricks of the trade should be used to their highest potential when it is applicable. The stronger and more efficient your production pipeline is, the better the overall ease and smoothness of the animation process will be. Which is one of those unspoken but often times absent aspect we sometimes find ourselves missing in the stress of the things we produce. Whoa, got a little to deep even for myself there, anyway, the point is Daz 3D Studio content contains a high level of detail, textures that already have graffiti on the box cars and dirt on the streets, little but important details included. It has a strong following of outstanding artist behind the creation of this content as well. Daz 3D Studio content is easy to find, convert and merge with existing iClone content to make rich scenes without a lot of hassle. Daz 3D Studio content can be found cheap most of the time and the guys at Daz are kinda like Crazy Eddie with their stuff, they run a ton of sales and deals all year round so you are sure to get what you want for a great price if you just keep an eye on it. I could go on and on but just let me show you what I mean, below is a rendered demo clip with some iClone and Daz 3D Studio content in a little bombin’ session action, notice the nice texture work already included in the scene and then follow along as I take you through how to convert Daz 3D Studio content for yourself. Hit’em up! Enjoy!


1 Response to “Unbelievable Daz 3D scenes and how to convert them for use in iClone3”

  1. November 22, 2008 at 7:21 am

    Exactly what I’ve been looking for, James. Daz into iClone! Excellent tutorial and video. Thanks for making this clearer.

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