Animate all 6 Channel Maps in iClone3.1 with the greatest of ease

Now you can Animate all 6 Channel Maps in iClone 3.1

Now you can Animate all 6 Channel Maps in iClone 3.1

What’s going on iCloners? Along with tons of other cool new features added into the iClone3.1 upgrade, Animating Materials via the Timeline or directly with the use of sliders, is now possible for all iCloners. This means you can easily animate the settings of your 6 channel maps, Diffuse, Opacity, Bump, Specular, Glow and Reflection. If you modify the Diffuse image, the 3D model may then present various appearances. By adjusting the Contrast of the opacity texture, you may define the level of the face to be masked out. When you adjust the Contrast setting of the Bump channel, you are defining the smoothness or bumpiness of the face. The Specular setting is very useful when you want to create a damp or oily effect on your object, such as wet brick in the rain, or a character that has emerged from the water. Adjusting the Glow map to change the level of glowing effect of your objects, and adjusting the Reflection map will effect the range in which the object will reflect the scene around it. There are many options when you decide to edit your materials but now, you can also animate the editable attributes. In the Timeline you can now create Material Keys that will save the settings for your channels as you edit them. So you can fade between maps creating interesting and compelling Material animation, this is not to be confused with saving Materials Templates for further use, for more information on that please reference the Multiple Camera Texture Mapping section of the online help document. However, to quickly just create some Animated Materials follow the step by step instruction below to begin to get the feel of this in-depth new aspect to iClone or watch the high-speed video example below.

  • Go to the Set tab
  • Click the Props button
  • Locate the 3D Blocks folder
  • Load a Ball_001 Prop into the scene
  • Use the Move and Scale Tools to place and size the Ball if you wish
  • In the Modify Panel, scroll down and find the Material and Texture Settings portion of the menu
  • Click the Load Material button to apply multiple preset Channel Maps to your object
  • Select a Material ( for this example I use the Glass04 preset Material for the Crystal Ball )
  • Choose the Channel Map you wish to animate
  • Adjust the Strength Slider for each texture you want to animate
  • Move forward in time in your project and then make additional changes to the desired maps
  • Repeat for each map to the end of the project
  • Add additional Maps or make edits to the existing Material template images using Load or Import
  • Access the edits and key frames you make to each Map via the Timeline by clicking the new Material Track
  • Edit additional features such as Refraction and Reflection by checking on the check boxes
  • Adjust the sliders to make changes to the Refraction and Reflection settings
  • Use the Rotate and Move tools to create prop Transform animation to enhance the Material animation

Animating Materials in iClone 3.1 can grant you the user the power to create fantasy effects like the Crystal Ball featured in today’s tip, or Branding with dynamic text and fades using key-frame animation you can access and edit via the Timeline. There is no doubt, this is a powerful new functionality and it has many new innovative applications I’m sure users will dream up and share soon enough. I can’t even really begin to imagine but it is safe to say that iClone 3.1 is a bulky, and well thought-out release with the revelation of new cools abilities such as this. There is a great deal of in-depth information in the Online Beta Index link posted above and I do recommend for the advanced production artist, give it a good read because there are some new rules and organizations of texturing features that you will want to let sink into you mind for a week or so. At least I know I did, people learn at different paces and what may take some fun guys a while to catch on to, it may take others on 30 minutes of well spent time. So, Beta Index, don’t forget. Below you will find a rendered example of some quickly put together Animated Materials in my Fortunetellers tent and the massively fast and easy method you too can use to edit and animate Channel Maps on your own. Enjoy!


2 Responses to “Animate all 6 Channel Maps in iClone3.1 with the greatest of ease”

  1. November 30, 2008 at 3:20 pm

    Head hurts must retreat slowly… seriously guys, it just amazing there are so many new features. Thanks for all the posts, very useful indeed.

  2. December 1, 2008 at 5:17 am

    Yes, yes, yes,

    New features for sure, there is no shortage of them in the newest version of the #1 real-time production software. That’s for certain. The posts will keep on coming and I hope the feedback continues as well. Thanks for the comment.


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