Auditioning and Casting Characters with iClone BackStage

You already have ALL ACCESS to iClone content with iClone BackStage and may not even know it

You already have ALL ACCESS to iClone content with iClone BackStage and may not even know it

Hey, iCloners, hope you had a great holiday season, but you still have one gift left that you haven’t opened. I got you all BackStage passes to the most awesome display of real-time content on the market. Sound to good to be true, well, think again. Reallusion’s iClone BackStage is a new way to try out each and every piece of Reallusion content before you purchase it. And here’s the first great thing about it, when you open iClone you are only 1 click away from BackStage, from there you can access Avatars, Props, Animation, Projects, Accessories plus much more. It’s easy to manage your account and keep track of what you already have and what you still may want to download in the future via a Wish List. You can try a trial version of any asset with an embedded watermark over the content once you have downloaded it into your library. You can try everything for free in other words, but here’s the greatest thing about iClone BackStage where Actors are concerned. You can audition the Actor first by downloading the trial version and then applying it to your scene, once you feel you have found the Avatar you need, then cast the Actor buy using points to purchase and download the full version without watermarks. Follow the steps below to access iClone BackStage and cast a character of your own, or watch the high speed video provided at the bottom of the post.

  • Open iClone
  • Click the Treasure Chest icon from the top right of the User Interface
  • Enter your Email and Password
  • Click Login
  • To access and try out an Avatar, click the Actor tab
  • Scroll down and click to the Next Page to view additional avatars to choose from
  • Select the Trial button after you have found an Actor you wish to cast
  • Click the Download List tab from the top navigation
  • Check the Check Box beside the Thumbnail of the Actor
  • Select Download Now
  • When the iClone BackStage Installation menu appears click OK and take note of the file directory
  • Return to iClone
  • Click the Actor tab
  • Select the Avatar button
  • In the Template menu scroll down and locate the new Actor, notice the Thumbnail will read Trial
  • Double Click the Actor to apply it to the project, notice the Watermarks on the Trial version
  • Use the Orbit tool to review the overall look of the avatar and maybe apply some animation to review the movement
  • Once your finished auditioning the Actor, Right Click the Thumbnail and choose Buy This Item
  • Review the purchase statistics and then click Proceed to Checkout
  • Review the Total Points and click Confirm
  • Click Download Now, notice that the Thumbnail in iClone should now read New instead of Trial

Auditioning and Casting Characters with iClone BackStage is the new and painless way to check out any Avatar, from Any pack…before taking the leap of purchase. If your like me at all and a gamer nerd, then you’ll be fimiliar with the point system of purchase anyway, but if your note let me clue you in. You purchase points, and then use the points to purchase content. Easy enough right? So, I can’t say enough about how cool this is as a service that Reallusion provides to users now and if you couldn’t find the right items to make your movies with before then you have no excuse now not too. Below is a high-speed showcase of how to first download and audition a Trial version of my “Kurt” character and then how to cast the Actor by purchasing using points. Have a great 2009 everyone and look forward to more Tips and Techniques to come from iClone and CrazyTalk Certified Training.


2 Responses to “Auditioning and Casting Characters with iClone BackStage”

  1. August 1, 2011 at 2:03 am

    Excellent job once again. I am looking forward for more updates;)

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