iClone v3.2 Patch Upgrade released

Official Release Version: iClone v3.2

Release Date: 29th December, 2008

Happy New Year iCloners out there and wouldn’t you know it, while everyone was busy baking suger cookies and playing with their new iPhones, Reallusion snuck in an upgrade. iClone v3.2 hit the net a couple of days ago and as usual is a quick and easy and FREE install for EX, Standard and PRO users alike. The best way is to just open iClone and select the Check For Update option which will take you to the official upgrade page where you can choose from 2 versions of the download, 1 for EX users and 1 for Standard and PRO. Also below you will find a high speed video of my upgrade process so that you can see first hand how simple it is to make sure your version of iClone is the latest and greatest. Anyway there’s a ton of fixes and a couple of new features, yeah, I know…more new features, I can’t believe it either. So be sure to check it out and watch the high speed (thown together) video demo of my upgrade process to see for yourself how simple it really is. Have fun and keep up with the Clone!


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