Designing Hitler, Advanced Facial Fitting and Texturing techniques in iClone3.2

Design one of the most infamous men in history in minutes with iClone3.2
Design one of the most infamous men in history in minutes with iClone3.2

Guten Nacht iCloners, today’s tip will be the first in a series of tips to come both using and exploring the new WWII -GI vs. Wehrmacht Reallusion content pack. But this tip will provide you with a specific piece of the War most real-time soldiers will want to put in their sights. Designing Hitler using a 3 quarter image fitting and advanced texture editing techniques is the focus of this endeavor. This is the plan, first, buy the pack…but, just between us, if you want to follow this tip to create only a Hitler Head then that’s approved protocol. Then use a search engine such as Google to search for large images of Adolf, but just use keyword Hitler and narrow the search to Large Images only. Around page 5 I was able to obtain a photograph of a life-size wax replica of Mein Fuer. This is an excellent texture reference. The secret is we really only need 1 good side of the face, in iClone, most advanced character designers are very used to searching for and using a forward facing image to apply to the face of their avatars. However, a 3.25 image will work if you know how to properly edit the texture in order to remove imperfections from the face. For this tip I use Photoshop to edit the texture after it is fit to the avatar, but feel free to use any image editor you like. Follow the steps below to master 3 quarter image fitting and advanced 3.25 texture editing or watch the high-speed video build which contains classified character creation content for your eyes only.

  • Use a Search Engine to locate a photograph of Hitler ( for this example I used a Google Large Image search )
  • Locate a 3 quarter image of Hitler ( for this example I found a perfect example on page 5 of the Large Image search results )
  • Save and Name the image in the JPG format
  • Open iClone
  • Go to Actor
  • Click the Avatar button
  • Select the Template tab
  • Locate the WWII folder ( if you do not have the WWII pack just use any G3 character )
  • Double Click the Wehrmacht Captain avatar to load it into the scene
  • Click the Head tab
  • Select the Load Image button
  • Navigate to and double click your Hitler 3 quarter image
  • Use the Crop Tool to click and drag a bounding box around the entire head on the image
  • Click Next
  • From the Face List select Male
  • Scale and Rotate the Bounding box to fit the entire head
  • Click Next
  • Rotate the Mask to match the head orientation ( this is the most important step in the 3 quarter fitting process, be sure to use the Scale, Rotate and Move Tools to get a perfect match to the image )
  • Use the Rotate Tool in the 3D Preview window to ensure 1 side of the head mesh texture is perfect
  • Click Next
  • Align the Feature Points to the Eyes, Nose, and Mouth ( check Mirror off for a closer fit )
  • Use the Rotate and Zoom Tools in the 3D Preview window to ensure 1 side of the head mesh texture is perfect once again
  • Click OK and Yes to apply the imperfect fitting to the avatar
  • Name and Save the file
  • Click the Actor tab
  • Select the Skin button
  • Under the Material and Texture settings portion of the Modify Panel select the Face material and Click the Diffuse channel
  • Click the Launch button to open the facial image into Photoshop in this example
  • In Photoshop, make a Copy of the “good” side of the Face texture ( for this example I use the Marquee Tool and a simple Ctrl C – Ctrl V )
  • Flip the new layer Horizontal
  • Drag it to the Opposite side of the Face texture
  • Use a Soft edged Eraser Tool to remove the edges of the new layer and around the Hair line
  • Merge the new layer with the Background
  • Save the file
  • Return to iClone
  • Click Update in the Modify Panel, notice the ‘bad” side of the Face Texture is now perfect
  • Select the Head tab
  • Click the Head option under the Facial Feature portion of the Modify Panel
  • Under the Head portion of the menu choose the Chisel option for a more sinister shape to the head ( for G3 heads only )
  • Edit the remaining Facial Features
  • Click the Avatar button
  • Choose New Folder in the Content Manager
  • Name it WWII
  • Select the Add button under the Content Manager
  • Name the new actor Adolf

using Advanced Facial Fitting and Texture Editing techniques to create custom characters like Hitler, is basically only tweaking the original character creation method and applying one simple texture editing trick. But having the knowledge and ability to create a 3D version of one of history’s most notorious villains inside of 10 minutes is way cool. Imagine if troops back then could have trained with the 3D simulators of today’s military and actually taken virtual head shots at an accurate model of the target. Well, let’s just say Tom Cruise would not have been able to make a movie about killing Hitler with a conference table I’ll tell ya that. The major objective here is to show users that the 3 quarter image fitting process need not be lost on us all as well populate our scenes and cast our characters. By taking only one advanced step beyond the fitting process quickly in and out of a external image editor can produce picture perfect results. Below is a high-speed video showcase of the drug addicted dictator himself and a few other objects from another kick-ass content pack from the troops in Taiwan and the method in which you too can harvest the head of Hitler. Viel Spaß!


2 Responses to “Designing Hitler, Advanced Facial Fitting and Texturing techniques in iClone3.2”

  1. 1 afterThought
    January 16, 2009 at 5:40 am

    So simple yet I wouldn’t have thought of doing it that way! I always gave up or tried to find another facial image if I didn’t have a ‘face on’ one. I need to start thinking outside the box more, lol!

    One thing though – when you were fitting the nose and mouth at 2:25, why did you disable the mirroring feature? Wouldn’t that affect the shape of the facial features when you apply the photoshoped image? ie. the width of the nose or where the lips end would be different.

    Thanks again for another awesome tidbit of insight!

    • January 16, 2009 at 5:58 am

      Hey AT,

      Yes, it’s true and your raise a good point about turning off Mirror, but when you do it will allow you to get the side you want to fit around the eye perfect and then the center point of the mouth is the next most important thing. But still maintain as close to a perfect fir on both sides, and if that means leaving on Mirror for your character, by all means leave it on. Remember though, sometimes a little imperfection adds to the realistic qualities of a character as well. Thanks again for reading.

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