Flying Machines of War pt. 1 Standard Fighter Controls in iClone 3.2

Combat or Non-Combat...that is the question.

Combat or Non-Combat...that is the question.

What’s up iCloners, so I am back with lots of new content in my sights. Today’s tip focuses on the Machines of War content pack for iClone. This pack is chalked full of assets that are of course iProps and iAnimation ready for your War-time productions. The pack includes 5 Interactive Tanks – 3 Interactive Vehicles – 8 Interactive Fighter Planes – 2 Characters – 7 Accessories – 12 Motions – 31 Props – 4 Effects – 4 BONUS Terrains and some of the best iProps interaction I have ever seen in iClone. We are going to take a test flight with the AIR FORCE folder in particular, I’ll be showing users the difference between the standard Fighter Plane iProps provided and those marked as COMBAT ONLY content. Sound’s pretty straight forward right? One’s for combat animation and the other is not, but wait there’s more to it than that you see. These iProps are equipped with preset Perform and Move clips that make the animation you want to create as simple as right clicking the prop and choosing the action that fits the scene your working on. Did I lose you? Ok, here it is in a nutshell…let’s say you want to include and controls the rotation of the propeller, Gear Up/Down, opening or closing of the cockpit and open fire. With this packs iProp design , users can arrange and compose the animations anyway they want to fully enjoy the play to create experience. Follow the steps below to animate the  standard Fighter Plane using the Right-Click menu and Terrain click options, or watch the video provided at the bottom of the post with the new and improved iClone Certified Training format to receive first-hand virtual tutoring for the Machines of War content pack.

  • Open iClone
  • Select the Set tab
  • Click the Props button
  • Locate the Template tab
  • Choose the Machines of War folder
  • Expand the list until you see the Air Force folder
  • Double-Click a Fighter Plane to place it in your scene (note: select any plane that does not have COMBAT ONLY in the file name. For this example I use the Spitfire Fighter)
  • Right-Click the body of the Fighter Plane to activate the iProp interactive menu options
  • Scroll to and Click the Perform option
  • Select the “Toggle Engine On” iAnimation (note: This will apply a rotation animation automatically to the Spitfire Fighter)
  • Move forward in time in your project then Right-Click the body of the Fighter Plane once again
  • Scroll to and Click the Move option
  • Select the “Taxi” iAnimation (note: This will only apply a movement animation automatically to the Spitfire Fighter if you have a Terrain model in the scene as well. Place one in the scene if you do not have one already by going to the Terrain tab and Double-Click one from the Template tab)
  • Click the point on the Terrain model in the scene you wish the Fighter Plane to move to
  • Return to and Click the Perform option and Repeat the application of iAnimations as they apply to your project
  • Apply additional iAnimations such as Gear Up, Fly, Gear down, Land plus more

The Machines of War Fighter Planes are the BF109 and FW190 from Luftwaffe, Spitfire from Royal Air Force and P51 Mustang from USAAF and they come production-ready to take on your most fersome of flights. From Take off to Taxi to the landing strip, you can use iAnimation clips to create endless combinations of aviation oriented animation without all the hassle. If you can move props in iClone you can create convincing flying animations utilizing the highly effective built-in tools found in the Machines of War Fighter Planes. Part 1 of this 2 part tip covers the insertion and application of the Machines of War NON-COMBAT Fighter Planes iAnimation clips, but revisit iClone Certified Training again tomorrow for the follow up, Part 2 Machines of War COMBAT ONLY Fighter Planes tip. The video below shows you step-by-step how you can add these awesome assets to your scene and quickly create War-time animation with the best real-time content pack War-bonds can buy. Enjoy!


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  1. June 24, 2009 at 8:36 pm

    Hi James –

    Ive been trying to get in touch with you about a new iClone3 Wiki I am designing, I would like to link- back to your tutorials here. Would love to have your permission to do so!

    Please contact me: cathyralph@sbcglobal.net



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