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See what happens when the TROLLS get a load of Charlie!

There goes the underworld, the TROLLS will have their say!

Hello iCloners out in the abyss. This is your long lost Certified right-hand man, JimmyJaymz: aka KentuckyFACE aka JimbBOt aka WarlockKILLER…the last being my newly acquired alias from time spent on an anthropological adventure deep into Mammoth Cave, located in Horse Cave, Kentucky. It was there 1,5840 ft (3 miles) deep in the Earth’s caverns where my brother John, and I, while eating Happy Balls (an insane bourbon chocolate delicacy from Louisville)  encountered an organization of creatures  thought to be mythical outside the confines of the Bluegrass State…TROLLS, or more specifically G.U.T.S. John begin talks with the elders as I attempted to get a signal on my phone to upload photos of the underdwellers. It was then the Head Wart of the G.U.T.S. organization invited us in his cave to use his cable internet…when something on USTREAM caught his eye. The video below is a record of the following events. Also found under the video itself is a legal document we were kind enough to courier back to the surface for Lenny. Enjoy TROLL v. SHEEN, the latest animated short from the Martin TROLLS!

Trollwire Underground News

On behalf of the GUTS Organization we have been urged to bring you this official response to the hate crimes of one Carlos Estevez, Warlock.
One human has captured the surface-level public eye with a force of unfiltered fury, a bitter enemy and danger to the under-dweller way of life, Charlie Sheen, menace. Now there is a great divide between the Warlock and the Troll and either you’re in Sheen’s Korner or with you’re with the Trolls!

“Charlie Sheen has publicly slandered our otherwise upstanding name as Trolls and this time he has gone too far. Sure, we liked him in that movie where he was the Wildthing with Jobu, but that was over 20 years ago. There’s also the fact that he lives with the goddesses. We too aspire to have a goddess under the bridge, if you know what I mean. Ahem… Anyway, we just want to get our side of things out there. If SHEEN is going to zero out Trolls and make it seem like we are a low class sort of creature, then it’s only fair we get a chance to even up the score. Our time has come to stand up and on each other… we’re short… Our time is now and SHEEN is not WINNING this one. TIGERBLOOD, my ass!”

GUTS Legal Disclaimer: Trolls are required by under-dweller law to scare little children, eat livestock, write riddles, guard bridges, build huts, eat frogs and hunt fairies. These acts do not reflect on the character of every troll nor are they grounds for slanderous remarks such as those from all beasts and warlock.

Mandatory viewing for all Trolls:
Troll v. Sheen, ‘Built By Trolls,’ by the Martin Bros., and you know…get in our corner and give Trolls a chance, I mean, what did we ever do to you?
Lenny Farbowitz
GUTS (Glorified Underground Troll Society)


Facial Animation Part 2: The Puppeteering Panel in iClone 4.0

Become a real-time PuppetMaster!

Become a real-time PuppetMaster!

I hope everyone is enjoying the new version upgrade to iClone 4.0. This tip is a continuation of the Facial Animation series, today’s tip focuses on The Puppeteering Panel in iClone 4.0. This is something that CrazyTalk 6.0 users will be fimiliar with from the word “Go” but if you are new to the wonders of The Puppeteering Panel then allow me to explain how this super powerful tool is going to revolutionize the way you both create and fine-tune your Facial Animation in iClone. First, what is The Puppeteering Panel anyway? It’s a tool that allows users to select and manipulate Solo-Feature areas, for the purpose of detailing Facial Animation or creating Expression and Emotion for your character. Sounds pretty good right, well, it is and the best part is the user has the ability to create multiple “Passes” by recording Solo-Feature areas individually, then recording additional areas to layer each over the last. Imagine your first “Pass” only focusing on the Eyes, then your second “Pass” may only focus on the Eyebrows, but the second will contain the animation data you created on the first “Pass” also. This is the method of fine-tuning that you will become acustom to once you have mastered The Puppeteering Panel. Follow the steps below to Create a Basic Script (See Part 1) and then add Expression to the Actor in the scene using the tools found in The Puppeteering Panel. And don’t forget to check out the step-by-step free instuctional video tutorial at the botom of this post.

  • Add an Actor into the scene
  • Create a Basic Script by Importing a WAV file
  • Select the Animation Tab
  • Click the Facial Animation button
  • Click Open in the Modify Panel
  • Navigate to your WAV file
  • NOTE: This animation data will be automatically applied in the Viseme Track on the Timeline
  • Open the Timeline to view this date using HOTKEY: (F3)
  • Click the FACE tab to view the Viseme, Expression, and Facial Layer Tracks
  • To open The Puppeteering Panel click the Puppet button in the Modify Panel
  • Notice there are 8 Puppet Profile categories each containing 6 Full Face Controls
  • Notice the Solo Feature Puppet Profile as well
  • Select a Puppet Profile
  • Then click a Face Control by clicking the thumbnail or use the corresponding HOTKEYS
  • To Preview click the Preview button and then strike Spacebar to Start and to Stop the Preview
  • After striking Spacebar to Start the Preview, click and drag your mouse to begin Puppeteering with the chosen Full Face Control
  • Strike Spacebar to Stop
  • NOTE: The same Full Face Control for one Puppet Profile will differ from the same Full Face Control for another Puppet Profile, for example, The Man ANGRY combination will not give you the same result as the Woman ANGRY combination.
  • Select the Solo Feature Puppet Profile
  • Notice that the Full Face Controls will now effect Blinking, Eye Movement, Head Orientation, Head Tilting, Jaw Movement and Muscle Movement
  • Click Head Tilting or use HOTKEY: (R) to edit the HEAD movement itself
  • NOTE: In previous versions of iClone you would have needed to use a Dummy object to achieve this level of HEAD movement, now with The Puppeteering Panel you no longer have that worry
  • Make multiple “Passes” of your Facial Animation by recording movement using The Puppeteering Panel
  • To record, select the Puppet Profile and Full Face Control you wish to use and then click Record
  • Strike Spacebar to Start the Recording
  • Click and Drag your mouse to begin Puppeteering with the chosen Full Face Control
  • Strike Spacebar again to Stop the Recording, this creates a single “Pass”
  • Repeat this process and choose different Puppet Profiles and Full Face Controls to focus on areas individually until you are pleased with the over-all look of your Facial Animation
  • Notice that when you are finished recording with The Puppeteering Panel your new Expression data will be visible on the Expression Track in the Timeline

The Puppeteering Panel can produce amazing results in only a few “Passes” to any Facial Animation clip, no matter how long or short, stylized or straight forward. It benefits everyone from iClone film-makers who have a lot of Facial animation to work through in their movies to the businesses out there using iClone as a part of what they offer to possible clients, bringing out the realistic qualities we all are used to seeing in everyday life the in faces of the people we meet and converse with. But wait, there’s more, no really, believe it or not The Puppeteering Panel and the endless Expression options that are available to you can be further enhanced by The Face Key Tool and Face Bones. These new tools are also covered in the upcoming Facial Animation Part 3: Face Key creation where you now can actually change and keyframe the shape of a characters Head and Face. That’s right, and The Face Key Tool and Face Bones make it all possible. Put these three tutorials together and you too will have a firm grasp on Facial Animation creation in the new iClone. But before you do that be sure to get a good look at the video below to help get you on your way to becoming a real-time PuppetMaster. Enjoy! 


Introducing the Camera Switcher

Today’s tip explains how to access and use the new Camera Switcher track in iClone 3.0. You can have up to 16 cameras in your project at once and this allows you to cover the action from pretty much all angles. Once these camera angles and movements are established you can then switch between these cameras via the time line. Click on the time line button from the bottom tool bar and then select the track list so that the camera switcher track can be activated. Select Camera Switcher and then click on the tab that appears on the time line, this will drop down the frame track allowing users to right click on the exact frame they wish to change cameras. Right click anywhere on the frame track and then select the camera you wish to switch to at that frame, notice that an arrow with a solid line will appear on the time line, this is to indicate that the camera you chose will continue on until another is switched to. For those iCloners out there like me who are 1979 Star Wars fans and old enough to have young padawans of there own keeping them from seeing opening night of the Clone Wars, I have put together a couple of special examples to showcase this cool new feature while trying to make missing out on what is sure to be the coolest “old-style” Star Wars film in years a little bit easier to deal with! The first is a small video showing a few different camera angles in an animation made using the Camera Switcher, and a screen shot showing the time line and the Camera Switcher frame track. Viva (i)Clone Wars and may the force be with you!

How to access and operate the Camera Switcher

How to access and operate the Camera Switcher



Well iCloners, the wait is OVER! We are live and all I have to say is pull up the ol’ desk chair, put on a fresh pot of coffee and take your shoes off because it’s time to get comfortable. The iClone engineering staff has been in feverish production and I know first hand how long and hard a road it has been for those guys, MAJOR KUDOS go to them for releasing a truly innovative product. Everyone else at Reallusion have also really put in the hours on this and I personally want to thank them all. The new default projects are incredible, the new features are amazing and all that’s left to say is; Enough talk, start animating! Have fun everyone and let the play-to-create games begin.


iClone Tip of the Day, CAMERA SMOOTH ICON

Todays tip focuses on one of the coolest new camera features, no pun intended. It’s the CAMERA SMOOTHING option that is now found on the timeline. This new function will place a key-frame on the timeline in between your other camera Transform keys, creating a curve to your camera movement. How does it work? Well, first you need to add a camera into your scene and then make as many camera movements as you like, and when your finished, with the timeline open showing your cameras track locate the new Camera icon with a curved line. You’ll find it right beside the Current Frame field. When you click the icon, it will place the mid-point key-frames between the keys you have just placed. For the best possible result combine CAMERA SMOOTHING with camera LOOK AT, you can assign the camera to look at an actor or object in scene, that way the LOOK AT will keep the camera pointed at your subject while smoothing the camera animation. In the image below you can see the location of this new CAMERA SMOOTHING icon. Give it a try and before you know it, your cameras will look better than ever before in iClone!




the Overcast reviews iClone 3.0

Hey iCloners of the world,

Phil Rice and Ricky Grove did an outstanding job giving everyone the skinny on iClone 3.0. The podcast that went live today focuses on new features and the differences between 2.5 vs. 3.0 plus a whole lot more. I was more than happy to hear the guys loved the new release and feel like it is a powerful new addition to the machinima world. Do yourself a favor and give it a listen, there is some ground-breaking iClone news in this Overcast you won’t want to miss, thanks again goes out to Phil and Ricky for the kind words. See ya in November!