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iClone 4.1 Kentucky WildCat showcase John Wall double header

These two iClone 4.1 showcases feature my favorite college basketball team the University of Kentucky Wildcats. Starring superstar freshman, #11 John Wall as the main character in both examples, you will notice very different designs and concepts to both videos. However, both videos are what I like to call “multi-media remixes” because they are both originally based on 2 commercials that have run as national ad campaigns for 2K Sports and more recently NIKE. I chose to use iClone, images of my new favorite Wildcat which I was able to find plenty of, both of the player himself and of most of the other elements such as logos, clothing and shoe design, via Google. Then finishing each animated short in post adding in the audio and motion graphics.  The production of the first video “UK2K Takeover” took roughly a month and was a tough project to complete do to the high-poly nature of the 5 CloneBone avatars created for this short. The second production “Tradition Never Sleeps” went much faster because I was able to recycle some elements such as sections of the crowd and the basketball goals, etc… I was able to produce it in only 2 weeks from start to finish using only iClone to create all 3D elements and animation. Both the Martin Brothers ( put in some time on these for the love of our “home” team, and we hope to share that with both the iClone animator fan base as well as the Kentucky Wildcat Basketball fan base and others who just find what we’re doing cool on any level. After watching, be sure to check out to take part in the new dance craze that’s taking the nation by storm. Thanks again for watching and GO CATS!

#11 John Wall of the University of Kentucky Wildcats

John Wall(s) as seen in the Martin Bros. iClone short TRADITION NEVER SLEEPS