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NEW Beastie Boys video – NONSTOP DISCO POWERPACK in 3D

The new album cover

Beastie Boys release their first album in quite some time, worth the wait!

Hello iCloners,

I know it’s been awhile, but KentuckyFACE aka JimmyJaymz has been busy behind the screen. Along with an Indie Film, quite a few corporate accounts and regular training, I have been piecing together my first full 3D feature. Those of you who know me in the real world or have followed my iClone work know that I am a Beastie Boys fan and a hardcore one at that. Below you will find the first ever 3D Beastie Boys video for the second track on their new album, HotSauce Committee pt2 , free online for your listening pleasure, and a brief description of the video itself. It’s Stereoscopic iClone at its best, so be sure to grab some glasses before watching.

AdRock, Mike D, and MCA are at it again, this time…in 3D. That’s right, the Hot Sauce Committee is jumping out of your screen with NONSTOP DISCO POWERPACK. Track 2 on the new album, has the Beastie Boys coming to you in the 3rd dimension from the actual lab where the sauce was cooked, the basketball court where the Prey Mantis preys, behind the chrome of the Cadillac, LIVE in concert, from the subway tunnels of the city known as New York, and more. Animated and Directed by the original JimmyJaymz, enjoy the latest science being dropped by KentuckyFACE, King of iClone. Now grab your old-school red and blue eyes and be the next one to bless the mic!