NEW Beastie Boys video – NONSTOP DISCO POWERPACK in 3D

The new album cover

Beastie Boys release their first album in quite some time, worth the wait!

Hello iCloners,

I know it’s been awhile, but KentuckyFACE aka JimmyJaymz has been busy behind the screen. Along with an Indie Film, quite a few corporate accounts and regular training, I have been piecing together my first full 3D feature. Those of you who know me in the real world or have followed my iClone work know that I am a Beastie Boys fan and a hardcore one at that. Below you will find the first ever 3D Beastie Boys video for the second track on their new album, HotSauce Committee pt2 , free online for your listening pleasure, and a brief description of the video itself. It’s Stereoscopic iClone at its best, so be sure to grab some glasses before watching.

AdRock, Mike D, and MCA are at it again, this time…in 3D. That’s right, the Hot Sauce Committee is jumping out of your screen with NONSTOP DISCO POWERPACK. Track 2 on the new album, has the Beastie Boys coming to you in the 3rd dimension from the actual lab where the sauce was cooked, the basketball court where the Prey Mantis preys, behind the chrome of the Cadillac, LIVE in concert, from the subway tunnels of the city known as New York, and more. Animated and Directed by the original JimmyJaymz, enjoy the latest science being dropped by KentuckyFACE, King of iClone. Now grab your old-school red and blue eyes and be the next one to bless the mic!



See what happens when the TROLLS get a load of Charlie!

There goes the underworld, the TROLLS will have their say!

Hello iCloners out in the abyss. This is your long lost Certified right-hand man, JimmyJaymz: aka KentuckyFACE aka JimbBOt aka WarlockKILLER…the last being my newly acquired alias from time spent on an anthropological adventure deep into Mammoth Cave, located in Horse Cave, Kentucky. It was there 1,5840 ft (3 miles) deep in the Earth’s caverns where my brother John, and I, while eating Happy Balls (an insane bourbon chocolate delicacy from Louisville)  encountered an organization of creatures  thought to be mythical outside the confines of the Bluegrass State…TROLLS, or more specifically G.U.T.S. John begin talks with the elders as I attempted to get a signal on my phone to upload photos of the underdwellers. It was then the Head Wart of the G.U.T.S. organization invited us in his cave to use his cable internet…when something on USTREAM caught his eye. The video below is a record of the following events. Also found under the video itself is a legal document we were kind enough to courier back to the surface for Lenny. Enjoy TROLL v. SHEEN, the latest animated short from the Martin TROLLS!

Trollwire Underground News

On behalf of the GUTS Organization we have been urged to bring you this official response to the hate crimes of one Carlos Estevez, Warlock.
One human has captured the surface-level public eye with a force of unfiltered fury, a bitter enemy and danger to the under-dweller way of life, Charlie Sheen, menace. Now there is a great divide between the Warlock and the Troll and either you’re in Sheen’s Korner or with you’re with the Trolls!

“Charlie Sheen has publicly slandered our otherwise upstanding name as Trolls and this time he has gone too far. Sure, we liked him in that movie where he was the Wildthing with Jobu, but that was over 20 years ago. There’s also the fact that he lives with the goddesses. We too aspire to have a goddess under the bridge, if you know what I mean. Ahem… Anyway, we just want to get our side of things out there. If SHEEN is going to zero out Trolls and make it seem like we are a low class sort of creature, then it’s only fair we get a chance to even up the score. Our time has come to stand up and on each other… we’re short… Our time is now and SHEEN is not WINNING this one. TIGERBLOOD, my ass!”

GUTS Legal Disclaimer: Trolls are required by under-dweller law to scare little children, eat livestock, write riddles, guard bridges, build huts, eat frogs and hunt fairies. These acts do not reflect on the character of every troll nor are they grounds for slanderous remarks such as those from all beasts and warlock.

Mandatory viewing for all Trolls:
Troll v. Sheen, ‘Built By Trolls,’ by the Martin Bros., and you know…get in our corner and give Trolls a chance, I mean, what did we ever do to you?
Lenny Farbowitz
GUTS (Glorified Underground Troll Society)


Steven Slater’s Day Off! by: the Martin Bros. iClone 4.3 PRO showcase

Well, hello again. It’s been a while and you can bet your last 2 beers that even though I haven’t been here, I have not been far from my iClone. The Martin Brothers are of course myself, and John C. Martin II and when we saw the news last Monday, with our main character Steven Slater plastered all over the screen, we, like the rest of the world were glued to the screen. But, somehow, in the technological revolution we all live in these days, no one managed to get ANY video of this outburst. For those of you who have been living under a rock and missed this story, allow me to elaborate. The video above is an animated tale of the infamous flight attendant and folk hero, Steven Slater and his departure from JetBlue flight 1052 on August 10th, 2010. There was a scuffle aboard the plane and Steven decided to make a grand exit. There were reports, but we couldn’t resist using iClone to fill in the visual blanks.

iClone 4.3 PRO has the power and ability to create high quality 3D animation, and as this video clearly shows, it also gives citizen directors the ability to be reactive and respond to current events using the real-time animation production tools and release 3D films that are still relevant to the subject matter. Basically you can create social commentary films in 3D because of the speed iClone allows animators to work and produce.  We were able to produce this entire animation with only 2 people working 4 -5 hours a day for 8 days. All the aniamtion was created with iClone content packs and custom Motion Layer keyframes, the content is all from the new Transportation Content Pack from Reallusion and custom content from 3DXchange and Google 3D Warehouse. The post work was completed in Pinnacle Studio, and Audacity was used to cut the audio we needed for voice acting and SFX. Be sure to tune back in to iClone Certified Training tomorrow for a behind the scenes tutorial that will expose some of the techniques used to create this showcase and I hope you all enjoy our latest iClone release. Until next time, keep on Clone’n!

One man's hissy fit heard around the world

Steven Slater has had it with all you people!


iClone 4.1 Kentucky WildCat showcase John Wall double header

These two iClone 4.1 showcases feature my favorite college basketball team the University of Kentucky Wildcats. Starring superstar freshman, #11 John Wall as the main character in both examples, you will notice very different designs and concepts to both videos. However, both videos are what I like to call “multi-media remixes” because they are both originally based on 2 commercials that have run as national ad campaigns for 2K Sports and more recently NIKE. I chose to use iClone, images of my new favorite Wildcat which I was able to find plenty of, both of the player himself and of most of the other elements such as logos, clothing and shoe design, via Google. Then finishing each animated short in post adding in the audio and motion graphics.  The production of the first video “UK2K Takeover” took roughly a month and was a tough project to complete do to the high-poly nature of the 5 CloneBone avatars created for this short. The second production “Tradition Never Sleeps” went much faster because I was able to recycle some elements such as sections of the crowd and the basketball goals, etc… I was able to produce it in only 2 weeks from start to finish using only iClone to create all 3D elements and animation. Both the Martin Brothers (www.theMartinBros.com) put in some time on these for the love of our “home” team, and we hope to share that with both the iClone animator fan base as well as the Kentucky Wildcat Basketball fan base and others who just find what we’re doing cool on any level. After watching, be sure to check out www.JohnWallDance.com to take part in the new dance craze that’s taking the nation by storm. Thanks again for watching and GO CATS!

#11 John Wall of the University of Kentucky Wildcats

John Wall(s) as seen in the Martin Bros. iClone short TRADITION NEVER SLEEPS


iClone 4.0 Showcase “Kingdoms of our Own” by Jim Morrison

This is an iClone 4.0 showcase created in 3 hours starring Jim Morrison. American rock singer and poet who achieved after his death a cult position among fans. Morrison wished to be accepted as a serious artist, and he published such collections of poetry as An American Prayer (1970) and The Lords and The New Creatures (1971). The song lyrics Morrison wrote for The Doors much reflected the tensions of the time – drug culture, the antiwar movement, avant-garde art. With his early death Morrison has been seen as a voluntary victim of the destructive forces in pop culture. However, he was not ignorat about the consequences of fame and his position as an idol. Morrison once confessed that “We’re more interested in the dark side of life, the evil thing, the night time.”  This is his “Kingdoms of our Own” from the Jim Morrison Scrapbook by: James Henke.

The Lizard King and his Kingdoms

The Lizard King and his Kingdoms


Softness Strengths and Sliders in iClone 4.0

What’s up iCloners, today’s tip deals with some of the finer details to your scene that were previously unable to be edited. Today’s tip focuses on Softness Strengths and Sliders in iClone 4.0. But more specifically, with the Softness values of both Water and Particle Effects. Why these two areas your ask? Well, I’m sure iClone veterans out there can and will tell you that the additions of both Water and Particle Effects to iClone were ground-breaking features when they were included into the iClone toolset, however cool they were at the time, they still had minor visible flaws. These issues were unable to be modified, thus, the only way to properly deal with these hard edged eye soars was through creative camera placement. Now, whenever you access a Water or Particle Effect you will find located in the Modify Panel there will be a Slider control that will allow you to adjust the amount of Edge Softness applied to any Water or Particle Effect in the scene. For Water you will need to locate the Advanced Water Parameters portion of the Modify Panel and then find the Edge Softness Slider.  For adjusting the edges of Particle Effects you must locate the Softness Strength Slider under the Particle Setting portion of the Modify Panel. Follow the steps below or view the free training resource above to see how in iClone 4.0 using Softness Strengths and Sliders will ensure you never have “hard edge” issues again.

  • Go to the Set Tab
  • Click the Terrain button
  • Place a Terrain into the scene by Double clicking one of the Terrain templates in the Content Manager
  • NOTE: For this example I have used the Canyon Terrain Template
  • Place a Water template into the scene
  • While under the Set Tab select the Water button
  • Place Water template into the scene by Double clicking one of the Water templates in the Content Manager
  • Locate the Advanced Water Parameters portion of the Modify Panel
  • Find the Edge Softness Slider to begin making adjustments to the Waters edge
  • Click and Drag the Edge Softness Slider to a high value to create a high degree o edge softness
  • Place Particle Effect  into the scene
  • While under the Set Tab select the Paricle button
  • Place Particle Effect into the scene by Double clicking one of the Particle templates in the Content Manager
  • NOTE: For this example I use the FOG Particle Effect template
  • Locate the Particle Settings portion of the Modify Panel
  • Find the Softness Strength Slider to begin making adjustments to the Particles edge
  • Click and Drag the Softness Strength Slider to a high value to create a high degree o edge softness

Softness Strengths and Sliders in iClone 4.0 are just a couple of the new functions specifically meant to crank up the realistic qualities of a scene. The simple adjustment of a single slider can make a drastic change to the look and feel of a shot when you factor in elements such as Water and Particle Effects and how the viewer visually translates what you have developed in the scene. Making sure that all aspects of a project are taking full advantage of the customizable attibutes available to them will help to ensure that your next production will convey a sence of quality and realism. Make sure you don’t miss getting a first-hand look at the Softness Strengths and Sliders in iClone 4.0 in action in the free training resource video above, so you too can take advantage of these cool new tools. Enjoy!

Soft edges for your Particle Effects and Water bodies ow available

Soft edges for your Particle Effects and Water bodies ow available


Head Randomization in iClone 4.0

What’s up iCloners, let me ask you this…have you ever wanted a new design for a characters face but didn’t want to spend the time adjusting the Facial Features? Well then, today’s tip is for you, this tutorial focuses on the new Randomize feature in iClone 4.0. This new feature allows you to make a single click and instantly randomize the Head Shape and Face design. Located in the Modify Panel, you can quickly and easily access this tool and begin creating countless random Head Shapes and Face designs, then save them for future use in iClone. The new Randomize feature offers a solution to those film-makers out there that don’t want to simply reuse Reallusion’s default character Head templates, allowing them to change the appearance of a character in 1 click is a time saving and customizable solution. How is it a customizable solution you ask? Simple, you just need to set a different Variation value and then click the Randomize button for each different Head shape or Face design you wish to create. These techniques plus a little extra are included in the free training resource video above, or feel free to follow the steps below to begin creating your own Head Randomization in iClone 4.0

  • Add an Avatar into the scene
  • Select the HEAD Tab from the top
  • Click the FACES button if it is not already selected by default
  • In the Modify Panel locate the Facial Features portion of the menu
  • Click the Randomize button to automatically create a random design to the avatars Head Shape
  • NOTE: This will instantly change the Head Shape and Face design of the avatar, to return to the previous design make sure to use HOTKEY: (Ctrl + Z) for undo
  • Click and Drag the Variation slider to customize the amount of random change the Face receives with each click of the Randomize button
  • After you are pleased with the general Head Shape and Face design you can begin to edit individual Facial Features by clicking the Face Feature and using the sliders provided to edit each area
  • To place a new Eye Template into your characters randomized Face design, click the EYES button
  • In the Content Manager on the left, notice the Eye Templates provided for you to choose from
  • Double click the Eye Template you want to use for your new character 
  • To place a new Mouth Template into your characters randomized Face design, click the MOUTH button
  • In the Content Manager on the left, notice the Teeth Templates provided for you to choose from
  • Double click the Teeth Template you want to use for your new character 
  • To Save your new Randomized Head, click the ADD button indicated by the (+) icon at the bottom of the Content Manager
  • Name and Save your file for future use on any avatar you wish

Head Randomization in iClone 4.0 is one of the many new and innovative features included in the 4.0 upgrade. This feature is so handy in-fact it almost is going to feel like cheating to some of you old Pros out there if your anything like me. The simple addition of the Variation slider is enough to give you pin point control when producing with this tool, but you will certainly find yourself using the Randomize feature  along side the traditional Facial Feature editing abilities. A time saver, for sure, a new tool that helps every user at both the beginner and advanced levels…you bet, a Facial Feature randomizing tool better in a real-time package out there…you just won’t find it. Don’t miss out on  Head Randomization in iClone 4.0.

Create countless Heads with the new Randomize feature

Create countless Heads with the new Randomize feature