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iClone v3.2 Patch Upgrade released

Official Release Version: iClone v3.2

Release Date: 29th December, 2008

Happy New Year iCloners out there and wouldn’t you know it, while everyone was busy baking suger cookies and playing with their new iPhones, Reallusion snuck in an upgrade. iClone v3.2 hit the net a couple of days ago and as usual is a quick and easy and FREE install for EX, Standard and PRO users alike. The best way is to just open iClone and select the Check For Update option which will take you to the official upgrade page where you can choose from 2 versions of the download, 1 for EX users and 1 for Standard and PRO. Also below you will find a high speed video of my upgrade process so that you can see first hand how simple it is to make sure your version of iClone is the latest and greatest. Anyway there’s a ton of fixes and a couple of new features, yeah, I know…more new features, I can’t believe it either. So be sure to check it out and watch the high speed (thown together) video demo of my upgrade process to see for yourself how simple it really is. Have fun and keep up with the Clone!


iClone 3.1 Get it while it’s HOT!


The wait is over iCloners and holysnikies what an update it is. Are they kidding with the new Springs Dynamics, you know the Dream Girls pack is getting ready to sky-rocket in sales with the addition of this new feature, am I right? This is gonna be great! How to upgrade whether you are a EX, or registered user is easy and only takes a few clicks and minutes to accomplish. The fastest way to do this is of course by simply opening iClone and then click the Check for Updates option. This will take you to the Upgrade Page directly but if your like me and need to see something a few times to get it to sink in then I have provided a little high-speed video showcasing my upgrade to 3.1 and how painless it really was. Watch it if you need to see or stop reading this post already and UPGRADE. What are you waiting for, you could be using 3.1 by now. Red Team go, Red Team go!


iClone 3.1 Feature Update information released

iClone 3.1 – Sneak Preview – Release Date November 2008

Hello my iClone brethren, I sit here wringing my hands in anticipation. iClone 3.1 is well upon us and I for one can’t wait. our good friend Peter Edwards graced the community today with an extensive list of all sorts of good things to come. But hey, don’t take JimmyJaymz’ word for it, go and see for yourself.  iClone BackStage Live Access, WidgetMe – Transparent Flash Movie for the Web, Enhanced CloneBone Character System, Flexible Spring for Natural Movement, Material Key Frame Editing and Animation, AML Templates and Interactivity, Other Enhancements, Program Bug Fixes and Content Updates are all covered in this Sneak peak. Don’t be left out of the loop, take the time and go read about these topics. You are sure to pick your jaw up afterwards when you absorb some of the new directions Reallusion is moving in. I know I am constantly impressed with the ambitious and innovative new territories we travel into in the world of iClone and CrazyTalk and am fairly certain this update will prove to be nothing less than mind blowing. Check it out for yourself at…


iClone 3.03 Patch released, don’t miss it!

Hey iCloners out there, just a heads up on the new patch available now for your iClone needs. Make sure you upgrade to stay on top of your real-time game, just takes a few seconds and you’ll be set with 3.03 Here’s the link so pop over and grab it today!


This upgrade page contains details of the latest release version.

Available below are upgrade patches and packs to ensure you have the latest version of iClone3 product installed. A version history is included so you can better understand the new features added or issues solved within a specific release.

Official Release Version: iClone v3.03

Release Date: 15th September, 2008

*Check out the System Requirement and Full Feature Matrix.


CrazyTalk 5.1 Free Upgrade, got it yet?

Hey CrazyTalkers, have you upgraded to 5.1 yet…for free? That’s right, another free version upgrade from Reallusion you might have missed or just plain forgot to install. No worries, here’s your reminder.

Available are upgrade patches and packs to ensure you have the latest version of CrazyTalk product installed. A version history is included so you can better understand the new features added or issues solved within a specific release.

Official Release Version: CrazyTalk v5.1 Release Date: 20th May, 2008

There are going to be CrazyTalk Tip’s of the Day starting very soon, so be sure you have the latest install. That way you can follow along here at the blog and enjoy the latest features CrazyTalk has to offer. To steal one from G4’s Kevin Pereira, “Hey, what do you want for nothing?”


3.02 Patch released, plus the iConverter Tool, what is it and where to find it.

Hey iCloners, just FYI if you haven’t upgraded your iClone 3.0 yet then what are you waiting for? It’s quick and easy and to Upgrade to the 3.02 patch, just click the tag below. You can also find the Version History there for a list of fixes. Plus, I’m sure some of you out there have had issues with some of your 2.5 content. Well, Reallusion has addressed that, now things like your 3D Scenes and props can be converted using the iConverter tool. Here’s the steps and tag for how to use it and where to find it.

How to Use iConverter?

Step 1: Unzip the zip file, and execute the iConverter.exe
Step 2: Click “Start” to import a 3D Scene or Prop VNS file from iClone 1.x or 2.x
Step 3: Process
Step 4: The file will be saved as a Prop file (iProp) for iClone3
* Since iConverter will change the content data to fit iClone3 spec, we suggest you don’t replace your old file directly, you may save as a new file.